Saturday, June 4, 2011

new action planned for all of Europe - we will take to the streets again June 19

Take the Streets
Seeing how successful the demonstrations of May 15 and the following camp ins and concentrations in the squares of cities all over Spain, the 15M movement can't quit now. We can't conform to being merchandise in the hands of politicians and bankers. Our fight continues.
Workers, students, youth, retired people, people trapped by mortgages...we don't want to wait impassively before the attacks and cuts that will continue to be applied, this time over all of Europe. we are organizing  a demonstration just one week before the signing of the Pact of Europe, an agreement that will further empoverish the European society in favor of the banks and big corporations by increasing retirement age, privatizing the public sector and cutting back workers rights among other measures. We have to move and stop this agreement.
We maintain the ideas that took us into the streets on May 15, but this time with more emphasis to the fight against labour reforms and pensions, unjust laws like the present electoral and mortgage laws as well as others.  .................we urge the groups and international camp-ins to resume the movilizations of the week of May 15  and organize concentrations and marches in their cities on the 19th of June.
The flame of change has been lit, but nothing has changed yet; we are still merchandise in the hands of politicians and bankers. That's why we call on you again to continue demanding OUR RIGHTS. The 19 of June WE WILL TAKE TO THE STREETS AGAIN
.For the future of youth and the dignity of the elders