Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thurs 03/27/2014 Dynamic Duo Weekly News

Dr. Corsi: British Intel Advisor Update; Lord Monckton Prepared To Take ...

Fukushima: MULTIPLE Pathways to Catastrophy ALL Active! Deagle/Harris 3...

The Unknown Known: Errol Morris' New Doc Tackles Unrepentant Iraq War Ar...

Dr. David Duke program 2014 03 27, Human Diversity, Identity

James Rickards: The Death of Money | McAlvany Commentary

Jim Rickards & Mike Maloney: Gold Revaluation & THE DEATH OF MONEY

Pedophiles, Drugs and Money in the New World Order - #NewWorldNextWeek

World Leaders Wear Bizarre Illuminati Pyramid at Summit

Police Force Woman To Soil Herself

Former President Jimmy Cater Says NSA Spying on Him Too

Geopolitical Madness

All roads lead...out of Rome? Sardinia plans secession referendum

Israel Caught Housing 'Identical Twin of Flight 370' In Tel Aviv!

SWAT guns down homeless man for camping in New Mexico - WTH?

Clinton Snared in Pedophile Ring

Rothschild CONSPIRACY Uncovered on Malaysia Flight 370!

Next Video on Flight 370 Will Be Huge! Make Sure to Sub Dahboo777

Sebelius Ignores Question On Why She's Still Employed

Ukraine Military 'Dolphin' Spy Unit Goes to Russia!

What Jonathan Pollard did

Say what? Obama claims 'Iraq invasion not as bad as Crimea'