Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama Likens Himself to Former 'Pistol-Toting' Crack Dealer Jay Z

Apple granted patent to shut down cell phones

BREAKING: Study Shows GM Corn Cause Massive Tumors in Lab Rats

All Hell is Breaking Loose!

Fill gas tank now -- WW 3 Iran false flag may occur any time

REALIST NEWS - More gold bars filled with tungsten

U.S. Foreign Policy Is Causing Middle East REVOLT

Joel Gilbert Punks Media: Mails 1,000,000 DVDs To Ohio Voters - 9/19/2012

Jesse Ventura: Money is free speech? Rob the bank and use that as defence


QE3 Infinity - How to Ride the Wave

U.S. Army Is Building Massive Surveillance Facility In The Utah Mountains

White House tightening its grip on Internet freedoms

Study Links BPA To Childhood Obesity

Activism and Comedy, Vinny Eastwood on The Corbett Report RBN September ...

White House fights for right to send Americans to military prisons

Romney Now Stating HE WILL NOT Repeal Obama Care and Other Ways We Know ...

Rense & Celente - Anti-Islam Film Did Not Cause The Violence

"HOW TO Defeat The System" Documentary Film

Alan Keyes on the Second Amendment and gun rights

120919 - China, Diamonds, and Viruses

Heavily Armed Tactical Team Busting Poachers In Tacoma! (WILDLIFE COPS I...

Are Americans Being Brainwashed By Their Mainstream Media?

Protesters Damage U.S. Ambassador To China Vehicle During Japan Demonstr...


Buy Gold and Silver, Dollar Vulnerable to a Massive Collapse-Peter Schiff

Gerald Celente - National Intel Report - September 18, 2012

DHS Buys 200 Million More Rounds of Ammo

Joel Gilbert Has Major Announcement About Dreams From My Real Father Mov...

Reality Check: Afghan Attacks on U.S. Soldiers "trending" in the Wrong D...

Jessie Ventura Bodyslams Peirs Morgan a few times

Fluoride Sold As Pesticide Used In Your Water Supply !

Fluoridation Comes to Portland in 2014

Noble Lie Producer Warns of False Flag Event to Save Obama Election

DHS "Arming to The Teeth" for Massive Civil Unrest