Thursday, March 20, 2014

Attacks on RT -- Neocon plot?

Judge Napolitano: NSA Can Record 100% Of Entire Country's Phone Calls

Tax Experts Warn: "Massive Confusion" At Tax Time Over Obamacare Mandate

Freaked by Fluoride

Dr. David Duke program 2014 03 20, Zionism, 1984, NSA, Amy Goodman

Gun & ammo websites banned under United Nations takeover of Internet

The Harassment of Aaron Dykes & Melissa Melton

War Endgame With Russia and China

The people are waking up.

Syria, Kiev Déjà Vu: US State Department Lies About Crimean Snipers

'The Five' Destroys Obama With Putin Comparison

BREAKING: Rockefeller linked to Internet transfer to United Nations

The UN-DEAD of Sandy Hook - Avielle Richman

Learning the truth about Israel and the fake Jews !!