Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bradley Manning's attorney breaks his silence

Clif High with Nemo DeNova, 12/1/2012 1/5

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Open Source Vibrators, Netflix on Linux, and LiMux!

Scan Eagle Landing

Scan Eagle in Afghanistan

US Drone Captured By Iran 12 4 2012

Israel's 'denied' nuke sites: UN demands atomic arsenal access

Police Want Cell Phone Service Providers To Keep ALL Text Messages For A...

AVTM #31 The fiscal cliff is a bad thing?

Who's Lying? US denies Iran captured ScanEagle drone over Gulf

Keiser Report: TINA's Big Black Hole (E375)

War Mongering Fear Mongering MSM Describes Effects Of Sarin Gas

Hillary Clinton Warns U.S. Will Act If Syria Uses Chemical Weapons

Infowars Nightly News: Monday (12-3-12) Anthony Gucciardi

Let Me Promote Your Channel!

Warning ~ Debt Pimps Are Taking Total Control

Spook Factory? Pentagon grows CIA twin out of own spy pool

Tax Hell: 73% rates cripple UK families, killing 'aspiration nation'

121204 - Guns For Flu Shots