Thursday, July 31, 2014

U.S. Quietly Establishing Ebola Quarantine Centers

Jeff Rense & Yoichi Shimatsu - Fukusima Radiation Now On West Coast

90% Of People In Gaza Now Have No Electricity

Thurs 07/31/2014 False Flag Weekly News

REALIST NEWS - 2.6 Million Obamacare Signups could be Fraud

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Make Love Not War!" - (7/29/14)

Satellite footage: Gaza destruction before & after Israel's bombs

The Police Want To Talk To Me!

Don't Buy The Good Jew Routine - Morris

The End of Oppression - Part 1: The Problem

The End of Oppression - Part 2: The Game

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rabbi Henry Siegman, Leading Voice of U.S. Jewry, on Gaza: "A Slaughter ...

Last Night Was the Worst Night by Far.

"Keep it Right Here on Morning Jew"

Israel Bombs U.N. Shelter With Over 3000 Women And Children With Multipl...

Gaza's Real-Life Apocolypto!

Krauthammer's Take: Amnesty via Executive Order 'Impeachable Offense,' B...

IS RON PAUL A CRAZY KOOK? He said Israel created Hamas HAHAHA! - O Wait...

Ron Paul - Israel Created Hamas 01-09-09

‫شبكة قدس الإخبارية‬ Palestinian Sniper Kills Captain Dmitri Levitas Of ...

CNN: Mistakes (or LIES) Found In Almost EVERY FBI Case Reviewed!

The Short End of the Stick with Mike Harris 2014 07 28


No One Says It Better - Judge Napolitano Puts It in Question Form

Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy heads to court

Israel's Plan To Obliterate Gaza

Jeremy Scahill Says If You Get Pulled Over By Cops They Can See If You A...

Fabian Calvo: The US Dollar, Stocks and Bonds Will Collectively Implode

Zionists flatten the city of Beit Hanoun in minutes FOX will say "human ...

Even if a Million Gazans Die - Morris - Nothing Can Stop Israel

Tiny 'Pocket Drones' Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) Being Built For Army

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Refusing to Kill Their Own! Over 40 Ukraine Soldiers Flee Into Russia!

Israel belongs to the Rothschilds

UC Davis Professor Cloward And Pivon Strategy Alive And Well In Border ...

Flight MH17 - What You're Not Being Told

Here Is How Easy It Is To Cross The US Border

The Origin of Christian Zionism 1of4

Sean Hannity to the Woodshed

Zionist Terror in Gaza - Free Gaza and Free the World

Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethni...

David Icke - Origins of Israel & New Mono World Order

San Diego Comic Con 2014 Breaks out Into a full on Israel vs Palestine P...

Palestine pre-1948, before Zionism/Israel

Caught On Video! POS CANADIAN Cops Terrorize Innocent People By Pointing...


Arrests Threatened for Recording at Jail

Flight MH17! Witnesses Say Bodies Had Practically 'No Blood', Already Sm...

The Short End of the Stick with Mike Harris 2014 07 25

These 6 Companies Own 90% of Media Consumed by Americans!

Smoking Gun! Ukrainian Fighter Jet 'Confirmed' On Radar, Trailing Flight...


Left in Lurch: Ukraine soldiers in despair without support and leadership

Friday, July 25, 2014

Biblical! ISIS Militants Blow Up Burial Site of the 'Prophet Jonah'!

Texe Marrs - Khazar DNA & the Great Serpent

Obamas Moving to Asheville?

Why are Americans Flocking to Fight for Israel?

Sessions: America Must Fight Obama’s Planned Executive Amnesty, Work Per...

Botched SWAT Raid Leaves 17 Yr Old Shot And Dog Dead

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 101 Saving The Republic

REALIST NEWS - Turkey working with BRICS - Will stop using USD

Dallas DEA harasses citizen journalist

Beheadings In Obamacare--See For Yourself--Including Those Without A Tri...

Ukraine Crisis Intensifies, Israel Violence Spreads, IRS Targeting Email...

The Origins of Oil - falsely defined in 1892

Monday, July 21, 2014

Video of dead bodies all over Shujaya streets in East Gaza

UFO over New York State 1984

The Cloward/Piven Strategy 1

The Illustrated Protocols Of Zion

Gerald Celente - Roy Green Show - July 20, 2014

Red Ice Radio - Jay Weidner - Hour 1 - On the Edge of the Precipice of C...

Unseen Video Of Eric Garner Death - Over 7 minutes handcuffed not breath...

Israeli sniper killing wounded civilian

Obama accuses rebels in Ukraine of tampering with evidence at MH17 crash...

Russia Proving Ukraine shot down Mh17 through satellite images and radar

Timeframe: Expert dissects Ukraine's MH17 'smoking gun'

Operation Mockingbird Exposed: Congressional Hearing Proves The CIA Cont...

The Mainstream Media's Blind Spot in Gaza

The Protocols of the learned elders of zion

RAW: Hundreds gather outside BBC to protest 'biased' reporting on Gaza

Whistleblower: Ukrainian Troops Shot Down MH17

Proof Alex Jones Is Controlled Opposition - Infowars & CNN Created by Ti...

Is Obama Plotting to Overthrow the United States?

Obama ~ Asheville, North Carolina Office Opening Obama for America 2012

BOOM! Kiev Caught Plotting Crash of Malaysia Flight MH17 , Before It Hap...

Israel Caught Using 'Illegal US-Supplied Weapons' Against Civilian Pales...

Rivers of Blood!

Flight MH17 False Flag Conspiracy FULLY EXPOSED! Complete Compilation Of...

Berlin is Inspiring the Next Revolution!

Breaking News:It's All Lies Including MH17

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Zionist Terror in Gaza - Free Gaza and Free the World

The Gaza Bombardment - What You're Not Being Told

Grace Slick Interview

'I Will Not Obey' - Utah on Anarchism

There Were Roses by Tommy Sands

FEMA REGION 6 - "Whats your business here?"

DHS detains and batters Cameraman JC Playford

Multiple NYPD cops choke a peaceful man (Eric Garner) to death WATCH

Michael Savage on Coward Staten Island Cops Killing Man with Asthma by C...

Rebel Leader Says Plane Crash Bodies Were NOT Fresh, Reeked of Decomposi...

Jim Fetzer: Ian Greenhalgh

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pentagon: 'Strains Credulity' That Rebels Launched Missile Without Russi...

Marines Bring Walking Robot to RIMPAC

Bombshell - Kiev Air Traffic Controller says was Ukrainian Military who ...

Hillary Clinton Busy Doing PR For Monsanto [Redacted Tonight]

Glenn Greenwald: Why Did NBC Pull Veteran Reporter After He Witnessed Is...

GRAPHIC: Israeli airstrike kills 3 Palestinian kids

#Injustice by Asheville Police Again!

'It is suspicious the plane has deviated from the route it usually takes'

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 97 John Carman

John McCain Unveils True Motive For Shooting MH-17 To Escalate War With ...

Mexicans riot at border crossing

Evidence to Frame Russia For MH17 Shoot Down Fabricated?

Nigel Farage: Treating democracy with deliberate contempt

Unconfirmed Video Malasian Plane Being Shotdown

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 96 Oathkeepers

777 Shoot Down Shows CHAFF Deployment; Fighter Jet Involved

Why was MH17 flying over a warzone?

US Weaponizes Nearly Every Major World Conflict | Brainwash Update


BUSTED! Ukraine Caught Trying to 'Frame Russia' for Shooting Down Malays...

VeteransToday Radio (7-16-14) Wolfgang Gets the Script for Sandy Hoax!

US MSM Says Intercepted Message With "Russian Major" Saying "They Screwe...

Bombshell! Proof That Malaysia Flight MH17 Was Diverted Over Ukraine War...

Kiev Deployed 27 Anti-Aircraft Launchers to E.Ukraine Ahead of MH17 Crash!

Commercial Jet Shot Down Over Ukraine, Israel Invades Gaza, Southern Border

Filmmaker Shines Light On Obama's True Socialist Heart

Jim Fetzer: Dennis Cimino

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Malaysian Plane Crash Video Shows Ground Explosion, Not Missile Explosio...

BREAKING: Malaysian airliner crashes in E. Ukraine, over 280 people on b...

BREAKING Malaysian Airlines Boing777 Shot Down Near Shakhtersk Donetsk o...

Thurs 07/17/2014 Dynamic Duo Weekly News

BREAKING! Ukraine Accuses Russian Air Force Plane Of Shooting Down Ukrai...

The NSA Playset and SDRSharp Plugins. Hak5 1622


"Voice of God Weapon" Makes People Think God is Talking To Them

Microsoft's massive layoffs: Windows Weekly 371

Where Are The Illegal Migrants Coming From?

Near Mutiny Among Murrieta Border Patrol As DHS Makes Treasonous Demands!

The Short End of the Stick with Mike Harris 2014 07 15

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

US imposes new sanctions on Russia over conflict in Ukraine

RAW: Anger & unrest at London protest over 'BBC bias' on Gaza

Why China Collapse Will Be The End Of The U.S, Dollar

Gaza & The Myth Of Israel's Right To Exist

Nationwide Protest Against Illegal Immigration! Fight Back On July 18-19...

Hundreds of Cities Fight Back Against 'Border Invasion'

The CIA's Style Guide was leaked online

Gerald Celente - Jeff Rense Show - July 14, 2014

Santelli Goes Berserk, Slams Fed Which Was "Not Created To Be A Feel-Goo...

Snowden leak: Skype calls, private e-mails, online polls on GCHQ menu

Gov. Malloy Denies Feds Request To House Illegal Immigrants In Connecticut!

REALIST NEWS - Remember this lady? Obama will pay my mortgage

Asheville Civil Liberties Resolution

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 95 Dr Richard Alan Miller

Jim Fetzer: Meria Heller / Ralph Cinque

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Short End of the Stick with Mike Harris 2014 07 14

George Galloway explaining to a Jew that they have no right in Pales tin...

Your Nude Pics Are Being Collected

Miley Cyrus Tattoo Move Over, Scary New Snowden Revelations Are Here

Gaza human shields: Foreigners protect hospitals from IDF airstrikes

Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie

The Gaza Bombardment - What You're Not Being Told

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 94 Doug Hagmann, End Of America

"Palestinians gashed my face with rock," Jewish-American co-ed recounts ...

Home Depot to Sell 3D Printers: Are They Trying to Put Themselves Out of...

Obama Scam On Immigration

Monday, July 14, 2014

Jeremy Scahill on Obama's War Machine, American Assassinations & Journalism

Illigals arriving in North Carolina aren't children by any means

Two-Thirds of Republicans Think 'Impeaching Obama Would Be Justified'!

Hard Facts of The Holocaust

Thurs 07/10/2014 Dynamic Duo Weekly News

What The Jews Did To Germany now in the USA

Colorado Man Diagnosed With "Pneumonic Plague" After Family Dog Drops Dead!

NSA Surveillance Gets Extremely Personal: TWiT 466

The Next American Civil War: Designed To Usher In A "North American Comm...

Jim Fetzer: Paul Connett

Jon Rappoport on "Checkin' It Out" with Dr. James Tracy

Friday, July 11, 2014

Jim Fetzer: Janet Phelan / Larry Rivera

Border Patrol Agent Hospitalized After Catching Bacterial Pneumonia from...

Feds Swarm Illinois School! Blackhawk Helicopter, Command Center and Age...

Obama 's "Vacation From Reality"

William Cooper - TheImmigration Agenda

HUGE! TSA Caught Allowing Illegals To Fly Without Verifiable ID!

Global Expert On Narcissistic Personality Disorder Explains Obama

'Deadly Disease' Erupts In Fla, World Health Org Is Very Concerned!

Dr. Joseph Gerson on changing the Japanese constitution

Yet Another Mysterious Banker Suicide: JP Morgan Director Kills Wife The...

Is the U.S. preparing for a second civil war? | CLASSIC

Update on Gaza the silence from certain "alternative" media

'NSA spying in Germany creates anti-Americanism earthquake, people fed up'

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Putin is playing Champion of Freedom in a Charade

Michael Savage Goes Off on Glenn Beck Pandering to Illegals and Left Win...

Murrieta Immigration Rally black americans debating July 4th

Cabin People: 2014 finished cabin walk-through

Getting Arrested For Being Free

Weimar Germany and the US dollar

Israeli Lawmaker calls for Palestinian Genocide

Broke America: Half the population on Government benefits, 70 million wo...

Berlin orders CIA chief out of country over US spying

Dr William Happer Destroys Climate Change Hysteria in 7 minutes

Andrea Mitchell: Why Was Obama Shooting Pool and Drinking Beer?

Alan Kapuler Man of Science, Ideas, and Humanity

Dr. Patrick Moore Testimony in US Senate Subcommittee

America This Is Happening In Your Name - WAKE UP! #n3

Your Wi-Fi Lightbulbs are Leaking Security!: Security Now 463

Glenn Greenwald Intterview

White House Makes Phone Calls Warning to 'Not Criticize' Obama!

Border Crisis Exposed! Mexico Made Deal To Safely Transport Illegals to ...

Obama Scam On Immigration

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Truth About ISIS With Syrian Girl

Gerald Celente: FATCA and Iraq's Implosion

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 91 Paul McGuire

Powerful raw video shows Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Open Carry: Veteran Unlawfully Disarmed, Detained & Arrested | OnTheMove...

Central Bankers Now Provoking War Everywhere To Cover Up The Economic Co...

Michael Savage on Sarah Palin Saying it's Time to Impeach Obama! - 7/8/14

Fed chair's excessive security angers neighbors

What's Putin Waiting For?

Alert! Lake Mead, Nations Largest Reservoir, To Reach Record Low Today!

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 86 Charles Coppes with IDP Consulting Group

Warning! UN Pushes for Illegal Migrants to Be Called 'Refugees'!

Russia Today Declares 9/11 Was An Inside Job!

ISIS Seizes 2,500 Chemical Rockets Filled With Sarin!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Strange Universe Sean David Morton 2014 07 07

Michael Savage: SEAL Team Six was set up, murdered in Afghanistan

Todd Starnes: Illegal Immigrant Children Have Scabies and Lice Running D...

Alex Jones Show - Commercial Free Podcast: Tuesday (7-8-14) Jerome Corsi

Israel Pounds Gaza with Airstrikes! Mayhem Breaks Loose As Homes Are Lev...

Checkpoint Cop Offended When I Yell At Him About 4th Amendment

You Grow Your Own Medicine You Go To Prison! Welcome To Obama's America!

Police abuse Suffolk County NY.....

Murrieta Protest Against Obama Human Trafficking (7-4-2014)

Confirmed Murrieta PD Gearing Up With Feds In War Against Protesters

Secret Leaked Rand Corp Plan for Ukraine-McGrath on RT

Sunday, July 6, 2014

BIG MOVE! Texas and California Militia Unite to Defend the Border!

Family NOT Allowed To See Mom That POS Cop Punched In The Head "Over And...

BUSTED! California Cop Caught On Camera Violently Beating Women In The H...

Jim Fetzer: Marvin Herndon

Red Ice Radio - David McGowan - Hour 1 - Covert Ops Behind the Hippie Dream

Johnny Cash - I Won't Back Down

Ohio New Death Penalty Machine

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

Israeli police beat American teenager

Cop Fishing: Revenue Collection Trap


NJ Councilman Causes Uproar Over Post Aimed At Police

Taliban Torch Hundreds of 'NATO-Supplying' Fuel Trucks Near Kabul!

Police Asking Dog Walkers To Help Surveil Their Neighborhoods!

Ukraine CCTV: Masked mob savages Russian-language newspaper office in Kiev

Apollo Astronaut: Climate Alarmism Is the ‘Biggest Fraud in the Field of Science’