Wednesday, May 22, 2013

British Soldier Beheaded in London, Man with Bloody Hands Speaks After I...

'Multiculturalism failing': Violent riots engulf Stockholm s

Congressman Worries About 'Chilling Effect' of Scandal -- On IRS!

Armed DHS Guards Protect IRS From Tea Party Protesters ..

Cop: "I Hurt People and Then I Make Their F#%*ing Cocaine Appear"

FBI Shot Suspect Dead While Questioning Him About Boston Bombing

Lois Lerner Invokes The Fifth Amendment At IRS Hearing

Colorado Town Passes Ordinance Mandating Gun Ownership

Control Freak Rent-A-Cop Fired After Starting Brawl Over The Videotaping Of A Traffic Accident

This Is What A Tyranny Looks Like

Obama Administration-Enemy of Disclosure-William Black

Michael Savage - Top IRS Official to Take the 5th, Immigration Bill Approved - 5/21/13

Deanna Spingola and V.K. Clark - Freemasonry, Communism, Illuminati, Hitler and the Reichstag Fire