Monday, October 31, 2011

Tips to add years to your life

Aubrey de Grey - In Pursuit of Longevity

Successful Test of 1 MegaWatt Cold Fusion E-CAT w Q&A by Sterling Allan ...

Farrkahan: 'Militias Will Protect OWS Protesters'

Successful Test of 1 MegaWatt Cold Fusion E-CAT w Q&A by Sterling Allan ...

"Obama Plans To Send More Troops To Persian Gulf"

Herman Cain Booed In Alabama When He Talked About Fixing The Federal Res...


Freedom Watch - FBI False Flag Operations

Elite terrorists running US, UK and France

The Mortgage Fraud & Housing Market - On the Edge with Max Keiser

Max Keiser: Debt slash = debt hike, collapse guaranteed!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gerald Celente - Money Radio - 27 October 2011

Ron Paul END THE WARS Infowars Nightly News Oct 27 2011

Mark Dice - The Co-Opting of #OWS is becoming ELITE'S Dream Come True!!!

SGT Shamar Thomas On Oakland Police Shooting Scott Olsen In The Face At ...

Occupy Oakland: Roommate of Injured Iraq War Veteran Speaks

Ex Marine Could Be First Death At Wall Street Protest 2011

Has OWS Reached a Turning Point?

Oakland Protests - live coverage of The Shooting As Police fired upon u...

Hopefully Police Will Conclude They CANNOT Just Go Around Using Tear Gas...

'Toxic Assets is the Financial Equivalent of Plutonium'

Gerald Celente on Farrakhan "Murderer in The White House" comment "Call ...

Keiser Report: Clowns Run World (E202)

Occupy Wall Street -- marines now part of revolution

Max Keiser : Debt slash - a debt hike, collapse guaranteed! Crash Coming...

Nigel Farage On Freedom Watch With Judge Andrew Napolitano

Friday, October 21, 2011

TSA Sets Up Terrorist Check Points Along Tennessee Highways! (Coming Soo...

Video of Saddam Hussein's hanging execution

Judge Napolitano: Obama Murders US Citizens! Anwar al-Awlaki Murdered by...

The Coming Cashless Society with Writer John B. Wells

Murder- Sick Globalist Secretary of State Hilary Clinton Laughs

Alex Jones - Wayne Madsen: Gaddafi Death Update

Colonel Muhammar al-Gaddafi: last report-21 October, 2011

Gaddafi death an omen of tribal war & mob rule in Libya

Gaddafi Paraded Through The Streets Of Libya In His Final Minutes Of Lif...

Michael Savage-October 20, 2011 hr 1 all segments

Under the bridge at Occupy Asheville - HD

Libya: Some suggest this was an execution and question why it's being ap...

Clashes in athens on 2nd day - RT 111020

The Folly of the Federal Reserve | THE PLAIN TRUTH by Judge Napolitano 1...

Alex Jones - Webster Tarpley: Gaddafi Death

Trends in the News by Gerald Celente | 10.18.11

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are we headed for another Lehman moment in Europe?

The Keiser Report 199

Record-breaking protest in Greece - gathers 99% - while PMs vote !!??

The Planned Authoritarian Society with Alan Watt

Huge protests grow violent over austerity in Greece

Nigel Farage - 'The Eurozone crisis is dividing Europe' (19-Oct-11)(GLOB...

Raw Video: Day Two of Large Greek Protests

Greece: Record-breaking protest gathers as PM's vote is awaited.....

No Closing Statement for Ron Paul at the Western Republican Leadership C...

RT: "NATO bombed Libya back to Stone Age"', 19.10.2011, NATO Crimes In L...

Wells Fargo Parade? or Commercial? Occupy Asheville

New Video From Inside the Citibank Incident w/ NYPD Arrests Occupy Wallstreet 10/15/2011

Gerald Celente - RT America 19 October 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

TO THE PEOPLE OF EARTH: The Time for a Revolution is Now!

Julian Assange Shows Up At Occupy London Protest

1500 Cities Around The World Expected To Join Occupy Wall Street Movement Today!

US economy & Occupy Wall Street-On the Edge with Max Keiser-10-14-2011

Protesters in Rome burn cars, break windows

Video: Mass 'Occupy Together' movement rolls across Europe

Global Uprising: Protests Heat Up at London Stock Exchange & Rome; 951 Cities; 82 Countries

Stefan Molyneux on Adam Versus the Man! The State Is Not Your Family!

Occupy Wall Street Rome, Italy violent protests

Occupy Bankfurt protests

Day 209 In America's "Few Days" War In Libya

OWS Attorney Representing Protester Run Over By NYPD Cop On Motorcycle

RT News: OWS Contagious - Global Revolution is Live

Protesters In Italy Storm The Offices Of Goldman Sachs

Day of 'Occupy' protests begins in Europe

Judge Napolitano & Tom Woods on Peter Schiff Radio

SOS to OWS: 'Rescue us from banking pirates!' [KeiserReport]

Judge Napolitano Open Letter To Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Asheville City meeting 10/14/11

10-14-11 NYC RIOTS and VIOLENCE breaks out

Government says PressTV and RussiaToday are the enemy

'America will collapse'

Gerald Celente - The Alex Jones Jones - 14 October

I Worked Very Hard To Bring Obama Into Office & Now I Have To Tell Everyone To Vote For Ron

M Moore We are Change! OWS Eviction "Bloomberg Afraid Of Youtube?!"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Press TV Being Taken Off The Air In UK! Is This Lead Up To War With Iran?

Mayor Bloomberg Says "MANY Elected Officials" Made Calls To Stop Eviction Of Occupy Wall St

Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party: Is there a difference?

Tea Party Profiteer Visibly Concerned About Losing Influence & Cash Because Of Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street Goes Global October 15th

Ron Paul Dartmouth College/Bloomberg Presidential GOP Debate Highlights Oct. 10th, 2011

Iran State TV on Wall Street Protests YouTube

Occupy Wall Street Victory!

Occupy Wall Street - Operation Sanitation: Emergency Call to Action

Keiser Report 196: Dog & Pony Show

Herman Cain: We have to focus on Homegrown Terror

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is Freedom of Assembly alive in America?

Occupy DC 'We need millions of people more'

Protesters Ramp Up For Occupy Canada! Set To Begin This Weekend!

Bring Back The Guillotine the Globalists are Criminals

Radioactive Hotspots Found In Tokyo

Wall Street Protests Spreads To Boston CNN's John King

10-12-11 Occupy Asheville General Assembly

Lord Monckton: End of Democracy in England

'Flash Mob' Racists Viciously Attack Michigan Man; Another Hate Crime in Ann Arbor

Iran Bomb Scare_ 'Murder plot bizarre comedy show'

This Is Why Occupy Going Viral Globally ECB elusive 2 Trillion Euro Bailout -Nigel Farage Rant

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A message from Anonymous to the 99% WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!

Occupy Asheville 10-06-11

Gerald Celente with Stephen Lendman - Oct. 6

Judge Napolitano. DC Occupy Wall street. getting hijacked by mainstream

Occupy Asheville Lakota Connection

Protests in USA grow against bankers and politicians (07Oct11)

2011-10-03 INFOWARS Nightly News Alex Jones PRISONPLANET TV

Occupy Asheville Soap Box 10-06-11

Top Secret Govt Panel Authorized To Assassinate American Citizens!

The Keiser Report 193

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ron Paul with Megyn Kelly 10/4

Pakistan riots erupt over power shortages

Jim Rogers - RT America 03 Oct 2011

Gerald Celente - TruNews - 03 October 2011

CNN Defends TARP, Paints Wall Street Protesters as a Joke!

The Keiser Report 192

Michael Savage Agrees with Ron Paul on al-Awlaki Killing, Obama Abusing his Power - (10/03/11)

Webster Tarpley: London Jackals Seeking Chaotic Breakup of Euro

Occupy Everything US protests have 'Explosive Potential'

Max Keiser: America's Financial Vietnam

"Bank Of America Customers Get The Heck Out Of That Bank!" Senator Dick Durbin

Judge Napolitano: Obama Murders US Citizens. WILL YOU BE NEXT?


Sunday, October 2, 2011

CNN Report on "Occupy Wall Street" Protests (10/2/2011)

Occupy Wall Street protests spread across US - More than 500 arrested! CCTV News

War Profiteers Agree Drone Strikes Are A "Wonderful" Tool

OccupyAsheville March

American Spring? 'Occupy Wall Street just the beginning'

Nigel Farage RT interview Collapse of Euro

[OccupyWallStreet] Protests go COAST-TO-COAST in US [EuroNews]

Ron Paul Correctly Predicts Obama Lie!

Police arrest 13 Year Old Girl - Protesters Shut Down Brooklyn Bridge - Or Kettled

Roseanne Barr with We Are Change at Occupy Wall Street

Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Occupy Asheville

OccupyAVL at Pritchard Park


#OccupyWallStreet Rage: 700 arrested on Brooklyn Bridge

More Than 700 Arrested In NYC Protest


Ron Paul's famous What if speech

Occupy Wall Street Protests From Coast To Coast

Occupy Wall Street Protest Hits Seattle!

Keiser Report : ' WW3 will make us all rich'(E191)