Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Detroit goes bankrupt declares Chapter 9

Webster Tarpley - CSPAN Debate on 9/11,False Flags and Black Ops.(2012) 1/7

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Peak Water And The Coming Wars For Water


22 yr old Woman speaks out after being assault by Police officer

Obama Mouthpiece Jay Carney Obliterated By Joe Over IRS-Gate

NASA admits chemtrails - 10 July 2013

China Headed for Economic Collapse in 6 Months and Here s Why!

WTF! Hundreds of Al Qaeda Militants Escaped from Abu Ghraib as MSM is Q...

Snowden wants to stay in Russia indefinitely - Lawyer to RT

Natural Living Advocate RAIDED for Housing Violations - Eustace Conway

Did you know FLUORIDE was used in Hilters' in death camps?

Fluoride 101 With Activist Ashley Jessica

Fluoride video from the Ministry of Truth

It's boiling inside Fukushima Unit No. 3 - With MOX Fuel!

Massive Amounts of Fluoride in Non Organic Food

Latest Israeli Propaganda about Nabi Saleh to the Woodshed

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'Rider' in House Bill Allows Dow to Keep Spraying Fluoride Pesticide on ...