Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Paul Weston - The Orwellian Jailing of Tommy Robinson

U.S. oil expert Gary Vogler discusses the plan for Israel to get Iraqi oil

England Judge Says Kitchen Knives Are Too Sharp & Elon Musk Continues Ri...

Jeff & Terrible Tim - The Coming Mideast War And How It Will Come Out

The European Union Has Destroyed Itself: Nationalism Is The Future

The UK Is On the Brink Is It Time for the London Tea Party

Video captures a woman being punched by officers at an N.J. beach

Man Rapes 5 Year Old, Set Free, Doesn't Have to Register. #PIZZAGATE

TSA subjects 96 year old wheel chair bound lady to prolonged, repetitive...

Why Silver Will Create the Next Set of Billionaires

World Shocked By UK Government Banning Reporting On Tommy Robinson Impri...

Gang of Somali Kids Attack Maine Residents at a Lewiston Park

Berlin clubbers counter-protest anti-immigration AfD party demo

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Q Anon May 5 - Justice Has Come

Gender Propaganda in Kindergarten

Reality Check: Who's Funding the White Helmets?

George Soros Funding Smartphone App to Help Illegal Immigrants Avoid Law...

Crazy Things About the NiNe eLeVeN Official Story That'll SHOCK You!


They Admitted Social Media Is Programming Us

5/4 CABAL In CHAOS: Trump NRA, FOX AC_D, Judge Ellis Smackdown!

Ken O'Keefe on the 'Great March of Return' Palestine

Here's How the Evil Powers-That-Be Can Take You Down in a Moment!

Lauren Southern - Day For Freedom

What Makes Deep State so Strong?, 2195

MOD reveals British drones firing thermobaric weapons in Syria

Syria: Hundreds of mines found with NATO origin - Russian Reconciliation...

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

9/11 Suspects: The Dancing Israelis

Las Vegas shooting bodycam: police breach Oct. 1 gunman’s door at Mandal...

Boy Scouts Change Their Name For Their Gender 'Inclusivity'


Jeff & Charlie Robinson - The Octopus of Global Control Pt.2

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

Tactical Nuclear Weapons YEMEN Neutron Bomb Madam Secretary Hillary Clin...

NXIVM- Celebrity Cult & Clinton Connections

Flagged for disscusing NXIVM Bronfman sisters #PEDOGATE, Rothschilds, Ba...

Mueller Threatens Trump, 2188

#MAYDAY Q: EAGER LION 18 US/Jordan Brings the Booo_m #FEARTHIS

"The Old New World" Photo-based animation

Monday, April 30, 2018

We know the world is f*cked – so what can we do about it?

Dr David Duke Speaks for Peace to 50000 Syrians

רה"מ נתניהו בהצהרה על התפתחות משמעותית בעניין הסכם הגרעין עם איראן

Pope Francis: Relationships With Jesus Are Dangerous

انفجارات ضخمة في قاعدة عسكرية إيرانية في اللواء 47 بجبل معرين بريف حماة

The Truth – About the Coup, 2186

Q Anon Update April 28 - The Plan is Revealed (New Upload)

CIA Whistleblower: Trump Is Doing What Kennedy Tried To As Trump Plans I...

EVIDENCE They're Lying about the Syrian Gas Attacks

Kevin Shipp – Civil War Between Dark Side & Constitution Side

President Trump / Government SHUT DOWN / Border Wall / Border Security

CNN Wolf Blitzer Tells Rand Paul That Jobs Are More Important Than Innoc...