Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Daily Prepper Report 03-08-2012 ( Prepper Condition 46 out of 80 )

MURDERED Andrew BREITBART held OBAMA missing Link Part 2/2

'Mancow' Muller: 'Breitbart Was Murdered!!' (playlist)

Obama's phone tapped says Ron Paul rigged out of elections (???)

TSA Help Wanted - hilarious satire animation about TSA perverts and the ...

Ron Paul on war with Iran - The War Drums Are Beating Much Louder' (Mar-...

Airport Body Scanners have nothing to do with airport security.

David Icke on the Alex Jones Show, 2012-03-12

George Carlin Stupid People

Defeating the Empire for All Mankind.

SUPER TUESDAY: CNN Televised VOTE FRAUD against Ron Paul?

Did Obama have Andrew Breitbart Assassinated?

Newly Discovered 150 Foot Wide "Asteroid 2012 DA14" Headed Straight For ...

Largest U.S. City Bankruptcy EVER! Citigroup Hires SkyNET? Chevy Volt Dies!

120307 - Load Up the Gold

'Iran nuclear show on air until foes dig up dirt' [Gareth Porter © RT]

Max Igan - Totalitarian Australia - Radio SkidRow - March07 2012 - 1/2

Syrian Girl - Colour Revolutions Soros or Levi Flavours

MURDERED Andrew Breitbart Discovered OBAMA Missing Link Part 1

Netherlands looking for Euro Exit as Supercomputer prepares for Financia...


The Daily Prepper Report 03-07-2012 ( Prepper Condition 45 out of 80 )