Friday, February 20, 2015

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Central Banks REACT to Dying Economy by Lowering Interest Rates 14 Times...

Pasco Police Shoot Man Throwing Rocks

CIA and Mossad are behind Boko Haram and Isis says Sudan President

Part 1, Rutland City Public Works Committee, Fluoride

Unique, rare 9/11 material shot from the Hudson

New DHS Report Againts Domestic Terroritsts and Suppressing Dissent

DOCUMENTING THE COLLAPSE: The World Is Falling Apart -- Andy Hoffman

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Obama.. "Conspiracy Theorists" Become Terrorists !!

US M855 Ammo Ban Foretells Mobilization To Ukraine

'NSA has eyes in every digital communication'

Immigration Plan Blocked, Ukraine Fighting Continues, ISIS Terror Spreading

Demonising ISIS To Battle Islam - Morris