Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NYPD "You Have No Right To Film!"

BOMBSHELL: CIA Ran The Boston Bombers Reveals FBI Whistleblower

Kimberly Rivera, Pregnant Mom of 4, Sentenced to Military Prison for Ref...

Boston Marathon Bombing Update Female DNA Discovered on Bomb Fragments ...

Why Is Big Pharma Allowed To Gouge SICK Americans So Horrendously!?

Boston Actors Not Complicit And No One Hurt - Morris

Gerald Celente - The Alex Jones Show - April 29, 2013


The Fed. Is Preparing MASSIVE New U.S. Dollar Devaluation Scheme. By Gre...

Boston Bombing Suspects Tsarnaev Brothers tell Police - " We didn't do it "

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Monday, April 29 2013 (C...

The Great Awakening

Why Jews Love Big Sis

Blow Back Nation #n3

History Is About to Repeat!

W.A.N. 4-29-13 hr1 Jeremy "AlienScientist" Rys weighs in on Boston Bombing

W.A.N. 4-29-13 hr2 McGrath and Matt Weidner

Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag Hoax - Amputee Crisis Actors

Monday, April 29, 2013

Actual Footage Boston Bomb Suspects Firefight With Police "We Didn't Do ...

Furious Boston Man Confronts 'A**hole' Alex Jones Reporter Over 'False F...

Crisis Actors Fail to Make False Flag Bombing Look Real YouTube

Watertown Resident describes Forceful Intrusion & Unpaid Damages

Boston Bombing Hoax ~ How do these crisis actors get away with this Yo...

Gerald Celente - Roy Green Show - April 28, 2013

Jerusalem, Altar of Sacrifice

Boston Fabricated To Make Us Converse In Lies - Morris

Gun Confiscation - A Reminder From New Orleans!

The Terrorists Have Been Identified

Update: CNN Crisis Actor Also Connected To Sandy Hook Shooting

Utah news reports that collecting/using rainwater is ILLEGAL

There Is No Opposition Only Indignation - Morris

130429 - Acceleration of Collapse

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bill Maher: "This country is becoming a police state, it is very troubli...

Boston Bombing - guy with legs blown off returns and is wheeled through ...

Lamestream Media: TV titans lose US viewers over slanted stories

Boston Marathon Witness Interview: Police Told Us Bomb Drill Was 'Traini...

Boston Marathon Bombing totally staged - more proof

Iraqi Child Asks Tony Blair and George Bush: Are you happy now?

The Zionist Message From Boston - Morris

Marlin 22LR Model 60 a great homestead tool and weapon

ONLINE SELF RADICALIZATION! "The Internet Is A Place Where People Do Bec...

POPSICLE MAN: Solving the Puzzle of a 200 Year Conspiracy

DHS bullets

The Psilocybin Experience - Magic Mushrooms & the Brain

Spirit of defiance

Bombing Suspect Had No Gun While Hiding in Boat - 4/26/13

CISPA Goes Down in the Senate

The Battlefield is You!

How a veteran deals: Fallujah worse than Hiroshima

Michael Savage on Boston Terrorist Cover-Up: The Whole Thing Stinks to H...

Profits before people, workers disposable - Celente on Bangladesh

Friday, April 26, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing Exposed Staged Photos - Crisis Actors

US Army Verifies Boston False Flag Terror

Crisis Actor Caught During Explosion - Boston Bombing

Boston Bomb Hoax? Phoney Leg Bone Prosthetic Falls Off? (Mirror)

Questioning The Christian Jewish Alliance - The Oppressed Defend The Opp...

Why Are There No Photos of Jeff Bauman Prior to Boston Marathon? Staged!!

CISPA Spying Already in Effect | Big Brother Watch

Gerald Celente - At Issue With John Munson Wisconsin Public Radio - Apri...

Money Confiscation Legal?

New Evidence On Boston Bombings Government Cover-Up

The Pressure Cooker (Conspiracy Cafe 201304a-23)

Gold and Silver Stampede, Green Lighting Attacks on Syria & Iran by Isra...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Boston Bombing & Psyops - Part 4

The Boston Bombing & Psyops - Part 3

The Boston Bombing & Psyops - Part 2

The Boston Bombing & Psyops - Part 1

SKS Rifle "How to Prevent Slam Fire"

The War On Terror Is Over. America Lost.

US Defense Sec. Hagel 'confident' chemical weapons used in Syria

Woody Guthrie -- Two Good Men

Touring the Watertown, MA shootout and apprehension sites 04/24/2013

Reality Check - Internet Privacy Bill CISPA Means 'No More Privacy'?

Rachel Maddow Rips Alex Jones (Infowars) Conspiracy Theories On Boston. ...

Ret. Army Intel Officer: FBI Lied When Publicizing They Didn't Know Bost...

URGENT: FBI Blurred Secret Agent In Boston Marathon Bombing ~Patsy~ Video

CAUGHT! CNN'c CIA "Crisis Actor" At Boston Marathon & Suspect Shootout

Lt. Col. Roy Potter: Wake Up Call (DollarDVDProjectLiberty.com)

Raw footage of 1st Bomb Blast site in Boston 4/24/2013

China's H7N9 Bird Flu: How Concerned Should We Be?

Joel Skausen on the Boston Bombing

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Supreme Court Stories: Marbury v. Madison

FSN: What Will Pop the Bond Bubble: Pro

Robo-Stop: Mankind raging against 'rise of machines'

Franchi's Two Cents - The Boston Massacre of the 4th Amendment #N3

4-23-2013 America Lost - Army of the New Republic

Boston: More Questions Than Answers | Think Tank

Los Angeles Police Agree To Pay $4.2 Million Dollars To Women They Shot ...

Boston siffing through the disinformation: Was Tamerlan a dangle?

Don't Stand With Rand

How To Crash The Market Without Even Trying! OR How To Make $100 Million...


Marketplace (un)Fairness Act

W.A.N. 4-23-13 hr2 McGrath and Greg Mannarino

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

★ Sandy Hook Principal Dawn Hochsprung Seen At Boston Bombings & Biden F...

The Boston Marathon Bombing AWARD!

Tsarnaev Brothers Set Up In False Flag Operation: Joel Skousen


Hang the War Criminals

Physical Gold & Silver Shortages Are Accelerating. By Gregory Mannarino

WATCH: Mother Of Dead Boston Jihadi Says He Is Still Alive

Boston Becoming A Very Very Real Hoax - Morris

Gerald Celente - Die MetallWoche - April 22, 2013


Erin Burnett Questioned on Boston Bombing Drills

Keiser Report: Psyops & Debt Diets (E435)

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "A State Of Siege!" - (4/22/13)

REALIST NEWS - Ireland Next To Fall - Just Got Cyprus'd


Startling~ Society In Collapse #n3

Infowars Nightly News: Monday (4-22-13) Maret Tsarnaeva - Aunt of Boston...

CST Team: AlienScientist says "MA. National Guard" NOT

REALIST NEWS - Saudi National Detained For Bombings Identified As High L...

It's Time To Build A Shadow Government - MOC #226

CISPA - Corporations Buy Politicians and Your Privacy

C-Span Gets FLOODED With Calls About Marathon Bombing False Flag - The S...

26 year old Boston Bombing suspect seen escorted alive by police 720P HD

Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Marathon

Oklahoma City Multiple Bombs - Neil Sanders

Many Questions Still Left Unanswered About Boston Bombing

"ALL OUR PROBLEMS" Facing us now in One Short Video - Heavy Sigh

George Carlin - I Gave Up On My Species

1: Beck: Team Obama Threatening 20 Year Prison Term For Those That Speak...

How To Fix a New Fangled Gas Can (HowToLou.com)

Common Sense Fixes to New Style Gas Cans

Complaints surface about new gas cans

Gas can rant

How to Fix a New Gas Can

Eye Witness ! Police SUV Ran Over Suspect, Dead on Scene and They Heard ...

prebuilt homes -Off grid cabin - tiny house - options you can afford for...

Boston Hoax No Whistleblowers In A Corrupt System - Morris

CNN Video Of Suspect #1 Being Detained

EMERGENCY! FBI Boston Cover-up Bigger Than 9/11 "PLEASE SHARE & REPOST T...

LOOK ! Proof That Craft or Blackwater Agents did the Boston Marathon Bom...

Obama's "Catch & Release" of Saudi Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect

Breaking Info on Boston Bombings! Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Naked Man

Jim Rogers: On Gold, All Governments Debasing Their Currency at the Same...

Boston's Prelude To Martial Law

Deadman Walking Redux

JFK Assassination Amnesia--Bush Sr

Friday, April 19, 2013

130419 - False Flag Signs

Journalist to FBI: "Tell Us About the Bomb Drill!" (Boston Marathon Bomb...

"Manufacturing Consent" 25 Years Later

CISPA And The Control of Information

My New Egg Layers - Australorps and Black Sex Links

Michael Savage Mad at Press Conference Ignoring Infowars.com Pictures Qu...

Boston Bombing Suspects, Syria, North Korea, Gold Sell-Off and Backgroun...

Skip-Tracer: Five Obama Relatives Using Same Social Security Number

Michael Savage Continues Discussion w/ Walid Shoebat Based on Updates on...

Collectivism: Terrorism and Other Consequences

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keiser Report: Gold Theft in America (E433)

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty Interview (1992)

Libertarian response to Peter Joseph & The Zeitgeist Movement

USAF Enviromental Specialist Kristen Meghan Blows Whistle On Air Force C...

Boston Hoax And Jewish Goals - Morris

Listen to Lieutenant Colonel Potter Please

Michael Savage Digs Deep into Mystery of Boston Bombing, Gun Control, Im...

Police Officer Puts Gun To Man's Throat In McDonald's Drive Thru (Video)

Reality Check: Did the FBI know about Boston bombing beforehand? - Ben S...

The Fall of Australia - Coming Catastrophes in the Australian Economy

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Fights the System

Mobile Bug-Out Prototype * Leaving The City Behind

Shalom Amerika!

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Boston Bombing, Fog of War on Steroids

Gerald Celente - The Power Hour with Joyce Riley - April 16, 2013

EU Common Criminals

EU Common Criminals

An Open Message to Barack Obama

Active Duty Soldier Illegally Disarmed and Arrested

Obama & Congress protect other fed'l criminals with STOCK Act repeal

Fr33 Aid uses Bitcoin to avoid IRS

Nationwide Ammo Shortage Slows Orders For Upstate New York Police

4/17/13. SuperBacteria In SuperMarkets! Background Bill Defeated! STOCK ...

130418 - States Going Bust

Government Sneakily Repeals Its Own Insider Trading Law

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Conservatives aren't collectivists! We're communitarian!

American Terror: Manufactured by the FBI

Congress & Obama Pass Bill To ALLOW Their Own Insider Trading - MOC #224

Absolutely Must Watch! SILVER CRASH was PLANNED to SAVE JPMORGAN - Greg ...

BREAKING! Suspicious Letter Near Senator Shelby's Office Evacuates Parts...

BREAKING! Oklahoma City Federal Building Evacuated Because Of Abandoned ...

BREAKING! Letter Containing "Suspicious Substance" Sent To President Obama

Gerald Celente - Jeff Rense Show - April 16, 2013

10 Tips from a Farm you can Use in Your Vegetable Garden

Episode #396 - Boston Marathon Bombing Was A Black-Op

Boston Massacre is a BIG DEAL! #PRAYFORBOSTON

REALIST NEWS - COMEX Default According To Silver Doctors - I have a slig...

Dr. William Black, The US Banking System is Absolutely Primed for the Ne...

NA disposes two pressure cooker bombs in Dang


Doctors now required to hand over files to gun grabbers

BREAKING! Ricin Poison Letter Was Addressed To Mississippi Senator Wicker

What if...

W.A.N. Radio 4-16-13 hr2 McGrath and Greg Hunter

Boston Marathon...Liberty Graveyard

The EyeOpener - Exposing 'In-Q --Tel': The CIA's Own Venture Capital Firm

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GMO, Global Alert

Mobile Bug-Out Prototype * Leaving The City Behind

Boston Marathon MSM coverage Oddity. Disappearing Blood and Gore

My Home was Searched for Growing Vegetables in my Bathroom

Family Guy Episode Predicted Boston Marathon Attack

Axelrod: Obama Thinks Boston Bombings Could Be Related to 'Tax Day'

Boston We Shouldn't Drown In The Info - Morris

Boston my 2 cents

WPMI-TV: Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Spotters On Roofs Before Explosions; No War...

Fight to patent human genes goes to Supreme Court

Family Guy Boston Bombing Predictive Programming

Monday, April 15, 2013

ALERT!!! ~ Boston Attack ~ Is Collapse & False Flag Underway?!?!

3D Printer Prints Guns, Makes Gun Control Impossible

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "The Ultimate Scheme" - (4/10/13)

Mike Maloney: Today's Low Gold & Silver Prices Are Not Realistic

Jim Willie interview April 15 2013 about the metal smash down - Real phy...

Taxman -- George Harrison and Eric Clapton (live)

Rose George: Let's talk crap. Seriously.

Gerald Celente - Fox 40 Binghamton, NY - April 12, 2013

4: Strunk: John Brennan Destroyed O's Mama's Passport Records; Obama Had...

4MIN April 15, 2013: NOAA Report, 'Dark' Matter, Quiet Spaceweather

AVN | 90 Days that will Change The World. A Plan to Take Back Our Natio...

Judge Napolitano: IRS Reading Your Email Without Warrant A Profound Viol...

130415 - Freedom :)

REALIST NEWS - Silver and Gold Smashed Friday and Sunday/Monday - Here's...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Internet finally puts broadcast model out of its misery

Lighting joint with laser

U.S. Government's Ammo Grab Puts a Pinch on Local Sales

Local Gun Stores Hurting From Nationwide Ammo Shortage

High Demand For Ammo Leaves Lodi, CA Police Running Low On Supplies

Portland Fluoride Campaign Video

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. America, here is a plan to END THE TREASON

Woody O'Brien- Bank Runs Coming?

Bitcoin Crashes 50% in one Day!

The Perfect Economic Collapse Setup -- Episode 34

130411 - GMO Lies Exposed

"Starve The Beast, Don't Join The Military" - War Veteran

Black Panther Veteran Responds To Obama's Arms Build-up

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Let's Rebuild America!" - (4/8/13)

Dire Consequences Await the Uninformed #n3

Should you trust your doctor or the internet?

Bail-in: The Birth of the New Financial Order

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Surviving Argentina Collapse With Fernando Ferfal Aguirre

Fox 13 on Joshua Hakken feat AVTM

Gun permit suspended over medication

Gun permit suspended over medication

50. The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks

CHEMTRAILING - 2 guys in Jet catches them spraying. WoW!!

Cop Claims Cell Phone Is A Weapon, Assaults Man For Recording

Pepe Escobar & Ryan Dawson Iraq/Syria 2013

dandelions in permaculture

How the Pentagon Used Video Games to Spy on Users Worldwide

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Let's Rebuild America!" - (4/8/13)

Gerald Celente - The Conspiracy Show - April 7, 2013

Laser Weapon System (LaWS)

True News: The Real Causes of the Great Recession

The Resident: Ohio Jailing People for Being Poor

"A MASSIVE NATIONWIDE CRIME SCENE" Banks Stealing People's Homes Across ...

Leaked Government Report Reveals Testing Of Gun Sensing Drones In Oklahoma

North Korean Official Explains 9/11 as False Flag Attack By Multinationa...

Classifed Doc Stash Reveals Feds Attempt To Rewrite History | WikiLeaks

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Tuesday, April 9 2013 (C...

Jim Rogers 'I Suspect They'll Take The Pension Plans Next'

REALIST NEWS - Mark My Words Bitcoin Will Crash Hard

NY State starts taking guns

W.A.N. 4-9-13 hr2 McGrath and Ellen Brown

Fed Desperately Concerned About the Dollar-Paul Craig Roberts

The Grand Betrayal has Arrived

States Ban 'Sustainability' and Hobbit Homes?!

Michael Savage on Sickening Obama and Sequester Soul Show in White House