Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mystery Surrounds Unexplained Cellphone Tower in NC

Cathy O'Brien: Ex-Illuminati Mind Control Victim

Thurs 09/18/2014 False Flag Weekly News

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NSA Attacks Sutdent at University of New Mexico (Angle Two)

NSA Attacks Student at University of New Mexico (Angle One)

Conspiracy Of Silence (The Franklin Scandal)

Agenda 21-The Most Diabolical Scheme Ever Hatched-Dr. Michael Coffman & ...

LA School District Armed Up with Grenade Launchers, Armored Vehicle

Veterans Today Radio (9-17-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Preston James

ISIS Goes Hollywood With New Propaganda Video

A Toothpaste that has more than just scary Fluoride in it.!

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Jeff Rense & Texe Marrs - ISIS...The Latest Zionist Bogeyman

Remote Viewing 9/11: The Official Trailer

ALERT! US Government Passing ALL Citizens 'Communication Data' to ISRAEL!

Homeland Security: We Can't Stop ISIS from Coming Into US!

'Stop Obama's War': CodePink hijacks Kerry’s ‘defeat ISIS’ speech


Obama Sending 3000 Troops To Africa To Fight Ebola But None To The Damn ...