Thursday, December 29, 2011

CNN Poll That Puts Romney In The Lead ONLY Polled Republicans NO Indepen...

Ron Paul Super Brochure On MSNBC's The Ed Show

RQ-170 Sentinel - (UAV) Drone Shot Down Over Iran

Obama and the drone

US Government spies on everybody


Ron Paul Gains Key Endorsement, Bachmann's Iowa Co-Chair

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Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones - 27 of December 2011

Italians cut spending in worst Christmas in years‎ - Press TV News

Iran to block Strait of Hormuz (not a question of if but when)

Porter Stansberry: The Corruption of America

Webster Tarpley: US-UK Ruling Elite Targets Russia, Syria, I

The Keiser Report 228

CIA Sifts Social Media Sites from RTAmerica

Nader: Obama worse than Bush, Likes Paul