Thursday, October 30, 2014

Little Brother: Hope or Hype? - The Eyeopener

'Meat Glue' Potentially Harmful for Consumers, Meat Industry

Ebola Bombshell: Kaci Hickox Was Trained As 'Intelligence Officer' by th...

Thurs 10/30/2014 False Flag Weekly News

CIA To Start Using 'Amazon Cloud System' to Track Data!

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man

Multiple NC Campaign Workers Willing to Aid Non-Citizen With Felony Kay ...

John Cusack: Henry Kissinger is Mass Murdering Globalist Scum! Actor Awa...

Corporate and Government Geo Engineering Plan With Sulfate

Robots replacing human workers may leave millions out of job

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Orchard Supply Hardware's OSHbot

A Mother's Mission: The Shooting of Milton Hall (NSFW)

Cop Goes Nuts When Told "God Bless You"

#OttawaStrong A Message to Ottawa! Please watch and Share!

Voting Error at Moline Public Library

Is Filming a Police Officer a "Domestic Threat"? Austin Activist on Tria...

[VIDEO] Philadelphia Cop Threatens to Beat Teen for Looking Him in Eye

EXPOSED! State Department MEMO Pushes Bringing Ebola Infected Foreign Pa...

Veterans Today Radio (10-28-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Kevin Barrett, P...

PROOF Ebola Is A Fraud! MSM & Crisis Actors CAUGHT LYING About Blood Typ...

What's up with the NSA and Linux?

Linux Approached By NSA About Backdoors

Linus Torvalds - Backdoor In Linux

Microsoft: Google Chrome is keylogger

Citizenfour Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Edward Snowden Documentary HD

Microsoft Windows 10 Preview has a KEYLOGGER in it. See video for evidence.

Camera Catches Crowd Slowly Exiting Mary Burke Rally While Obama Speaks

Hung(a)ry for protest: 100k+ rally over internet tax in Budapest

Introduction: Recorded Future Cyber Intelligence Application

Google Teams Up With CIA to Fund "Recorded Future" Startup Monitoring Pu...

The EyeOpener - Exposing 'In-Q --Tel': The CIA's Own Venture Capital Firm

Saying Hi To a Woman = Harassment? Yes According to Feminists (10 Hours ...

Innocent Man Refuses to Submit to Lie Down Even With Guns Pointed at him

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership

children present atmospheric crimes and danger

Newly Released Document Shows Feds Fear 'Airborne' Ebola! The Trial Run ...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Israeli Soldiers detain developmentally-disabled Palestinian child in He...

Nigeria's Ebola Crackdown Serves As An Example to the World!

Confronting Doctor Death

Confronting Doctor Death from Bob Coen on Vimeo.

Gerald Celente - Russia Today - October 20, 2014


Judge Jeanine Pirro - Opening Statement - Obama and CDC Fail on Ebola Co...

Israel Bans Fluoride From Drinking Water

THE EBOLA AGENDA -- Dr. Mark Sircus

ALERT! Obama Quietly Prepares 'Surge' of Millions of New Immigrant IDs!

Expert Warns of Mutant Ebola Evolving to Spread 'Hotter and Faster'

The Ebola Deception!

Pepe Escobar blames Saudis for oil prices drop with US, Russia targets

David Icke talks about the creation of Isis and how the corporate media ...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Savage Nation- Michael Savage- October 16, 2014 (Opening Segment)

Ebola In Context: Liberia Needs 80,000 Body Bags & 1 Million Hazmat Suits!

CDC Trailers Being Hidden and Guarded In Hickory, NC

Ebola Protection: Most hazardous stage is taking off Hazmat suit

Obama Issues Executive Order for 'Mobilizing Armed Forces' In Africa!

Obama's 'Deadly Ebola Psyop' Creates False Sense of Security! I 'Hugged ...

Judge Napolitano: Plethora Of Potential Ebola Lawsuits Forthcoming

Obama erklärt in kürze die Neue Welt Ordnung 2014 ^^ - Zusammenschnitt

WATCH: Megyn Kelly Goes Head to Head with CDC Director over Ebola in Ame...

Lesbian Mafia Houston Mayor Demands Churches Turnover Sermons

Thurs 10/16/2014 False Flag Weekly News

Alert!!! Ebola Vaccine Weaponized: Don't Take It Under Any Circumstance

Ebola: Let the Insanity Begin

Ebola - Deadly Pandemic, What is it like to be in a Deadly Pandemic?

Ebola survival kits sales spike in US amid panic outbreak


Kubrick Told Us about FLUORIDE in 1964!

Michelle Obama Dances with a Turnip to Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What" [...

Georgia Guide Stone- 2014 stone removal 9/25/14

Putin Warns of "Nuclear Power Consequences" If Attempts to Blackmail Rus...

The Politics of Medicine 1/1

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sacred Living Geometry part 1 - Theories of Viktor Schauberger

2nd Nurse with Ebola, Facts, Plane Specifics,

Did American Scientists Create Ebola?

Tampa/Ebola Update.

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 126 The Masons, the UN, and the N.W.O. wi...

Vaccine Industry A Law Unto Itself - Meryl

Ciara Sherlock tells government to stop adding toxic fluoride to our tap...

Confirmed 3rd US Ebola Patient Flew to Cleveland 2 Days Ago, 132 Passeng...

Ebola Kamikazes: Coming Soon to a Hospital or Mall Near You


Carl Klang - Hang em High! 12-24

Confirmed! U.S. Military in Africa in Direct Contact with Ebola Patients

Huge Victory Against Monsanto Revealed

Texas Ebola Hoax! National Report Deceptively Runs SATIRE, Not Wanting Y...

"Six Million Jews Were Killed During The Holocaust And I Saw The Documen...

SR 330 - Stock Market Drops

Andrea Rossi: 3rd-Party Analysis, Industrial Heat, & 1MW E-Cat

Ebola Truth Shock! New WHO Reports Says Ebola Has '42-Day Incubation Per...

John Williams-We’re Coming to the End Game

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg's Last Letter

William Engdahl interview with RT International on U.S. foreign policy i...

AEON of HORUS: The Occult History of NASA

The Cheerios Effect: André, Jonathan & Raphaëlle’s Story

Episode 1 - Modern Medicine & the Cancer Pandemic

Brandon Turbeville Interview on Perspectives with Kate Dalley on KZNU, U...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Catalan government calls off independence referendum

'Nina Pham' Identified As Dallas Nurse with Ebola!

Dallas Nurse Gets Ebola and Is It A Fake?

Citizen Pulls Officer Over - Gives a Verbal Warning.

RWW News: Savage: President 'Obola' Is Destroying America

Gerald Celente - SGT Report - October 12, 2014

Gerald Celente - Caravan to Midnight - October 6, 2014

If It's So Real, Why The Massive 'Ebola Is Real' Propaganda Campaign?

Spain: See Catalonian flags set ablaze by right-wing ultras in Barcelona

Dr. Dave Janda, Oct 12, 2014, Colonel Craig Roberts and the JFK Assassination

Mark Pryor and Mark Begich scurry from Obamacare questions

Why Are the Texas-Liberia FLAGS In "Transformers" BEFORE the EBOLA Outbr...

Jeff Rense & Dr. Bill Deagle - Ebola...What You're Not Being Told

CHEMTRAILS Exposed on Discovery Channel Evergreen Air Run By the CIA


SR 329 - Baghdad is Doomed

State Attorney Seeks 'Restraining Order' to Stop Texas Ebola Waste Enter...

China Claims US Behind Hong Kong Protest!

NIH: 'We May Have to Vaccine Entire Countries to Stop Ebola Outbreak'

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nature Was My Teacher The Vision Of Viktor Schauberger

B2 Bomber and Electrogravitics (Biefeld-Brown) Declassified

Breach In Protocol! 2nd Person In U.S. Tests Positive for Ebola!


James Rickards-Next Crash Exponentially Larger than Any Financial Panic ...

Frack them all! 'Safe' drilling in US (RT Documentary)

Christy Moore demands Irish government stop adding #fluoride to tap #iri...

ISIS The House Of Mirrors Approaches Bahgdad - Morris

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 147 Ty Bollinger & Linda Moulton Howe

BREAKING! Confirmation Of Second Ebola Patient In Dallas Texas

Leuren Moret: Fukushima radiation has made Hawaii and Pacific islands un...

The Electric Universe—Why Should I Care?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Prophecies Green Screens And EveryOne Is Under Attack - Morris

Caravan To Midnight Episode 140 Editor Of The Hat Trick Newsletter Dr. J...

Caravan To Midnight Episode 139 L.A. Marzulli.

Doctored The Movie

Bought! - New Docu Trailer About Big Pharma Vaccination & GMO Fraud & Sc...

BOUGHT the Movie - Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food!

1of6 What Flouride, Psychopaths & Rockefeller Have In Common Dr Rima Lai...

The End of Oppression - Part 3: Good Funding Evil

An Ebola Horror Story You've Never Heard Before

Full Blown Lucifer Worship At The Catholic Vatican

The John Moore Show 10/9/2014

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Savage Nation- Michael Savage- October 9, 2014 (Opening Segment)

Ireland close to banning water fluoridation

Alert! California Aquifers' Contaminated' with Billions of Gallons of Fr...

Jeffrey M Smith GMO Interview Outside The Box

BREAKING: Ebola is Airborne

Harry Reid's bodyguard attacks "Crapitalism" author

The Media is manufacturing your consent for war

American Army Major General Paul E Vallely trains Saudi death squads in...


Israelis: "Ni&&ers go home!"

Thurs 10/09/2014 False Flag Weekly News

"Kill the Messenger" Resurrects Gary Webb, Journalist Maligned for Expos...


JewTube Copyright Kings

Riots erupt in St. Louis after white officer shoots and kills armed blac...

China Just Overtook The USA As The World's Largest Economy!

Robots Grabbing Your Job

Joe Biden Admits Saudi Arabia & Qatar Funding Al-Qaeda In Syria

CNN cuts 300 jobs as tabloid style coverage increases

Sheriff's Deputy with Possible Ebola Symptoms Hospitalized In Texas!

The Gay Mafia Tells Teachers Not To Say Boys or Girls

Health Alert! Ebola Victims Without Symptoms Can Still Be Contagious!

Because Monsanto? The US GMO label fail

BNP are taking me to court - 5th November - Come Along!

Dr Udo Ulfkotte, journalist and author, on RT

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wolfgang Halbig on Sandy Hook ~ Staged Government Community Event Capsto...

Shut Up, Conspiracy Theorist!!!

Police State and Ebola : The new NWO tactic (Includes cursing)

Red Ice Radio - Jon Rappoport - CDC Fraud Vaccine Autism Link & Ebola

Quarantine: "US Defense Against Foreign Plague" circa 1947 Frith Films; ...

ALERT! W.H.O. & CDC Admit Ebola Can Spread Via Coughing, Sneezing and Contaminated Surfaces!

The World Is Dangerously Full of Scheiße

Great Waldorf of China: Beijing billions buy up Astoria on Park Ave

Woman who found the ISIS execution video!

Charles Nenner: Scary Deflation on Horizon, Gold Update and Nuclear War

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Savage Nation- Michael Savage- October 7, 2014 (Opening Segment)

Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God

The Scariest Map Ever!!! Is America Under Biological Attack? Will The MS...

What's Worse? Stupid or Corrupt?

2nd Suspected Ebola Patient In Texas Sparks Medical Martial Law and Forc...

Ebola False Flag Fear Propaganda Ascends

#378 How to make nano particle colloidal silver

Massive Amounts of Fluoride in Non Organic Food

The Talmudic Israeli Takeover - Letter from Mr B

CIA Insider Warned of Ebola False Flag in September!!

Michael Savage Attacks Obama Destroying Country Allowing Deadly Diseases...

U.S. Government Helping CHINA Buy Up America

The CDC & The UN Are Forced to Overtly Admit 'Ebola Is Airborne'

The Crucifixion of Naomi Wolf for Daring to Question the ISIS Story

Louis Lerner Attempting To Break In A House To Get Away From Camera

Lois Lerner tries busting into neighbor's home to avoid questions

Friday, October 3, 2014

Max Igan at the Open Mind Conference 2014

NBC Cameraman Thinks He Got Ebola by 'Decontaminating Car', NOT Contact!...

Rahm Emanuel "Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste"

D.C. hospital admits patient with Ebola-like symptons

These Charts Confirm Global Economic COLLAPSE Has Begun!

"EBOLA FEAR HITS DC" Watch Out For This Scenario


You're not going to Die from Ebola

New Cancer Documentary Trailer


Sheriff Arpaio's Obama Investigator Talks Obama ID Fraud -

Sheriff Arpaio's Obama Investigator: I'd Be Focusing Real Hard On Who's Obama's Mommy

Gerald Celente - Infowars - October 1, 2014 - Part 1

Gerald Celente - Infowars - October 1, 2014 - Part 2

Jeremy Scahill on Obama's Orwellian War in Iraq: We Created the Very Threat We Claim to be Fighting

Turkey Tsunami Caught On Camera | "Tsunami Hits Turkey" | VIDEO

Guess the new path to US citizenship for illegals


ISIS takes over town near Baghdad

Aldous Huxley interviewed in 1958 by Mike Wallace about a Scientific Dictatorship

SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator - Honest Review & Demo - Part 1

How to turn Ionic Silver into a true Colloidal Silver

Lionel on the Alex Jones Show with Paul Joseph Watson