Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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A Battle for Hearts and Minds

This is an excerpt from last night's Sean David Morton radio program. He's talking to a college student who's being treated like a he's a fool by his professor regarding the student's "conspiratorial" views of 9/11 and "terrorism" in general. SDM tells him to remember that the conspiracy theorists are always right and then he says this:

"Don’t give up, I’m proud of you. You are the hope for everything this country could be in the future. I’ve seen so many people just go by the wayside and throw their hands up and just become the debtors, just become the slaves, and be happy with it. People need to understand that Socialism is a system that only works until you run out of people to squeeze – until you run out of other people’s money. And then it just gets weirder from there.

"Don’t give up, because, I’m telling you, people are going to start asking you questions. It gets to the point where they start looking into your point ofview. Just don’t give up. Be belligerent. Keep raising your hand, keep questioning all these people because you are sending ripples out into the universe. You have an effect. You are like the butterfly’s wing that effects the most distant star. And everything that we’re about to become – everything that we were that we’re going to go back to – all I can tell you is that all the planets are aligning exactly like they did between 1766 and about 1780. So the revolution is coming. And it’s not going to be televised. It’s going to be fought where you are because this is a battle for people’s hearts, it’s a battle for people’s minds, and it will ultimately be a battle for their souls. And again, what we’re fighting is the establishment of a fascist, totalitarian structure that for the first time in history will have a horrifically – horrifically – terrible technology to back it up. It will literally be George Orwell’s nightmare of a boot stamping on a human face for 1,000 years. You know, the last line of 1984, where Winston Smith says he loves Big Brother? That’s what we’re fighting against, man. And again, we’re fighting not against flesh and blood but against spirits and “principalities” not of this world. It says that in Ephesians. What you’re fighting is a battle for hearts and minds."

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