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Commonly-Held False Beliefs

I periodically update my list of "Commonly-Held False Beliefs" and send 'em
out. We have such a pervasive belief in how "enlightened" we all are in the
"modern age" of "scientific achievement." We seldom realize that a great
deal of that "scientific progress" has been used to control, brainwash and
slow-kill us.

We hold another deep-seated belief ­ that all the people in authority and in
scientific and medical positions are good people of conscience who can be
trusted. This belief in the benign character of authority figures makes our
being controlled and brainwashed very easy for those who own and control the
mainstream media. All they have to do is to put a scientific/medical façade
on anything they want you to believe and you'll (we'll) believe it. In that
respect, the scientific/medical authorities of today perform the exact same
function that the "high priests" of primitive cultures performed.

Bottom line: Question what you are told by present-day "authorities."
Think for yourself. Trust your intellect and intuition and do your own
research on important matters in our world. At the extreme, they want you
to believe that 2+2=5 just because they say so. As described in the novel
1984, freedom at its heart consists in knowing that 2+2=4 no matter what the
authorities say.

See what's on the list that you still believe in:

Commonly-held False Beliefs:

1. The global economic crisis is an unexpected convergence of
events/mistakes by well-meaning, albeit greedy, people.

2. 19 Arab terrorists hijacked planes and crashed them into buildings on

3. A. Global Warming is being caused by human activity/generation of CO2.
(This should read "was being caused" since the short warming period we were
in stopped around 1998.)
B. The overwhelming majority of climate-scientists agree with ŒA¹

4. Hydrocarbon deposits (in various forms ­ oil, gas, coal) were formed as
the result of ancient organic materials, such as plants and animals, being
heated and compressed over millennia.

5. The governments of the western democracies are working for the people and
have our best interests at heart.

6. The Federal Reserve and the IRS are branches of the US government.

7. The major news outlets, such as NPR, CNN, the major networks, the major
cable news channels and the major newspapers (New York Times, Washington
Post) tell us true information about the most important things we need to

8. The observed evolution of physical forms on the Earth is the result of
random combinations of traits under the influence of ³natural selection²
(³survival of the fittest²).

9. Our government is not spraying the earth¹s atmosphere with chemical
compounds in a geo-engineering program completely unknown and un-reported to
the American people.

10. There is no organized agenda among the most powerful/wealthy people in
the world to create a system of worldwide domination.

11. A. Vaccines were responsible for the eradication of polio and smallpox
and prevent the spread of diseases.
B. Vaccines containing mercury, cancer viruses, formaldehyde, MSG and
aluminum are safe and effective for infants.

12. Fluoride is good for your teeth and prevents tooth-decay.

13. ³Al Qaeda² is a real organization of Islamic terrorists independent of
the Western "intelligence agencies."

14. The United States of America is a democracy.

15. AIDS is a virally-transmitted blood and sex disease. AIDS originated
with humans in contact with African monkeys.

16. Chemotherapy is an effective treatment for cancer.

17. Genetically-modified ³foods² are safe for human consumption.

18. Present-day Jewish people have their racial origin in ³the Holy Land.²

19. The Earth is overpopulated.

20. Barack Obama is Constitutionally eligible to be President of the USA.

21. There is no massive system of child sex slavery and human sacrifice in
which politicians and people regarded as ³pillars of the community² are

22. Osama bin Laden was killed by an American raid in Pakistan in May,

23. The Council on Foreign Relations is simply a foreign-policy advisory
body that has the best interests of the United States as its agenda.

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