Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ann Barnhardt: Your Savings Are Being ROBBED From You

Ann Barnhardt has a wild edge to her, but as far as being a straight-up
truth-teller regarding our current financial and cultural situation, she's
like a train coming right at you.

At the end of this first segment, she calls for everyone to stop paying
taxes to a criminal, lawless system.  I think that's a GREAT idea!
Your Savings Are Being ROBBED From You | Ann Barnhardt (Part 1/2) - ENCORE    (33:38)

"You're still thinking as if the rule of law is extant, and it is NOT!  It
is NOT!  Americans just cannot get their heads around this."

"Oh, but that would involve doing math and math is hard, and we just can't
be bothered about doing arithmetic, and calculating interest and comparing
inflation rates and things like that. We just want to believe that the
government is very smart and very kind and benevolent and good, and that
government would never lie to us and that government is going to take care
of us. Because we are a culture that has been castrated, has had all
masculine strength bled from it, and so people ­ especially men in this
culture, and women because they're women ­ just want to lay back and believe
that someone else is going to take care of them.  And we just don't want to
face reality and we don't want to think about these things."

Real Assets are Your Only Backstop| Ann Barnhardt (Part 2/2) - ENCORE   (27:22) 

Michael D Ivey