Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'UN reduced to tool for attacks on Syria'


Rainwater is Free Right? Wrong - Man Jailed For 30 Days For Saving Rain

Milk Wars: The latest battlefront in food freedom

Keiser Report: Virtual Virtual Economy (E321)

Exhaustive Study Finds Global Elite Hiding Up to $32 Trillion in Offshor...

Agenda 21: Who Owns The Rain?

Something is happening in Anaheim - Why the Media Blackout?

Bizarre Booms & Weird Noises - Real, Hoax or Hysteria?

US wants world police after blowing millions on MidEast 'occupation'

James Holmes Manchurian Candidate MKUltra EXPOSED!!!

Who Owns You? Tools for Opting Out & Other Stories

DHS Prepares Faceoff with American Public

120731 - Syria Propaganda Falling Apart

Minority Report Style "Pre-Crime" is Here!

Bill Cooper Predicts 911 Attack June 28 2001 Includes CNN OBL Interv...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Stuff Gun Control in Internet Control Bill - Nice Magic Trick!

NEW TSA Documents: Filming & Photography Terrorist Activities

Joseph Stiglitz Explains How Inequality In Today's Society Endangers Our...

Whistleblocking: Obama pays billions to keep secrets out

CHEMTRAILS Exposed on Discovery Channel

120730 - LIBOR Rigging Expanding

AMTV News London 2012 The Olympic Police State

Nigel Farage how a Spanish Bailout will cause an Italian bailout.

MICHAEL RIVERO - Build up to WW3, US Threatens India, Bankers, War with ...

Joel Skousen World Affairs Brief July 26, 2012 with Stan Monteith: Auror...

Tim Geithner, Breaking Up the Big Banks, MSM Agrees to Censorship & More...

Rick Ackerman on the Next Market Meltdown

Message To Humanity 7-29-2012.

Anaheim rally video: Cops arrest protesters, disperse crowd

A Message To The Senate - Mirror

Collapse Confirmation WEEKEND Recap

Thursday, July 26, 2012

TSA Checkpoints Exposed: Journalist Tracked, Targeted & Harassed for Fil...

Nigel Farage - The Next Big Step (July 2012)

Confronting Cops 101 with Jimmy Justice

Italian mayors protest spending cuts - Press TV News

Janis Sharp Gary McKinnons mum interviewed


Short End Of The Stick with Mike Harris 7-19-2012 - Nibiru

Keiser Report: Jellyfish Rat-Heart Robot Bankers (E319)

TSA Now Occupy CA Train Stations & Bus Terminals

REALIST NEWS - 5 Minute news with your host Jsnip4

Webster Tarpley in Press TV Debate with Libyan Rebel Supporter

Dallas residents protest police brutality

Congress Full Debate Ron Paul's AuditTheFed [Audio-Fixed] 24 July 2012 E...

Reality Check: Does Rapper Ice T Know More About The 2nd Amendment Than...

YOU are the POWER

Congressman Ron Paul on C-SPAN Washington Journal July 24 2012

Judge Napolitano: "We Know More About the CIA Than We Do About the FED"

Ron Paul on House Approval of Audit the FED Bill

Alex Schaefer's Chalking Protest

120726 - Americans Buying Guns

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Webcam video from Jul 25, 2012 5:35:44 PM

Filming police - constitutional right

YouTube fights online anonymity?

If we have a Terror Attack in London we know it was our Government

Congress to start total surveillance on Americans?

London Braces for Terror Attack During 2012 Olympic Games

Engdahl: World Being Readied for Aggression Against Syria

REALIST NEWS - Guess which top EU country got a rating cut?

Alex Jones Dr.Paul Craig Roberts This is insanity! 25.jul.2012

We Are Now Entering Next Phase Of The Collapse. By Gregory Mannarino

"The Second Amendment... Is NOT To Hunt! It's To Protecting Yourself Fro...

Video of Anaheim protesters face off with the police

Dark Knight Rises Massacre ∞ US to Sign UN Gun Ban Treaty 2nd Amendment ...

'The Thing That Really Scares Me About Obama'... UN Gun Ban Treaty, a Fr...

Obama The Trojan Horse: A Legacy of Hypocrisy and Deceit with Larry Pinkney

Who Speaks for the Law Abiding Gun Owner? Lionel Does!

Obama's "Deeply Disturbing" Family Background with Director Joel Gilbert

Webbot Project - Clif's Wujo - E15 - July 23, 2012 - Confirmation from R...

Tarpley on Infowars Nightly News: Tues. 7/24/2012

Was Dark Knight Shooter A Product of MKULTRA? Wayne Madsen Reports

Nigel Farage:This European Stability Mechanism is doomed before it starts

Greece, Gold and Financial Terrorism Freedomain Radio Interviews Max K...

Max Keiser on Alex Jones Tv"Coming Boom in GOLD"1/3

Marc Faber on a Global Crash, the U.S. Treasury Bubble and China's Slowdown

LaRouchePAC The Economic System Special Two Weeks to Save the Nation

Who Did 911 - PhD Kevin Barrett Speaks Out (Russia Today RT Interview).

Reality Check- Unanswered Questions About Colorado Theater Shooting- Fal...

120725 - Market Rigging by Central Banks

National Security Agency Violated the U.S. Constitution

Holmes DARPA Connection

Danny Casolaro murdered into silence?

"US Government Involved in Program to Break Down Cohesive Aspects of Soc...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Euro-Contagion: Germany outlook 'negative' over nonstop debt debacle of ...

Preppers Love Military Surplus Stores

US drone industry: Nothing to hide - nothing to fear

Keiser Report: Financial Feeding Frenzy (E318)

I'll Have The "Enhanced" Pat-Down, Please.

Anaheim police brutality provokes riots in California

Biderman's Daily Edge 7/24/2012: Why We're 100% Bearish

Anaheim Police Brutality Sparks Outrage After 2 Latinos Shot Dead and De...

Witnesses from Dark Knight Massacre Saw Other Suspects!

120724 - Banker Fascist Police State Draws Near

Attack the System: Alternative Economics

Corbett Reort: How to Foil Your Own Terror Plot

@Govt follows you: Twitter feeds info to US police state

Drone surveillance: now in the US

Euro-Doomsday Scenario: Europeans brace for worst

Denver Shooter: Mind Control Slave?

Collapse Confirmation News 7-23-2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

"US Government Greater Threat Than Lone Shooters"

TechBytes Episode 70: How Browsers and Social Networking Sites Facilitat...

Judge Napolitano Explains What Will Happen If You Refuse to Pay for Obam...

Over 100 killed in Iraq blast wave as Al-Qaeda 'returns with revenge'

Anaheim police 'kill another man', cops filmed firing on women & children

World Crisis Radio Webster Tarpley 7/21/12 Bush Nazi connection, War in ...

James Rickards Interview: Gold to $5-7k and Libor Damages Could Destroy ...

Moving Closer! U.S. Bond Bubble and Dollar Collapse. By Gregory Mannarino

REALIST NEWS - Israel now believes Iran will commit terrorist act at Lon...

U.S. ECONOMY CONTRACTING NOW: Home, Retail and Factory Declining

120723 - IMF Suppressed Information To Investors

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Johnny Cash - God Is Gonna Cut You Down (Music Video)

False-perception bubble of 2011

Mandates to BUY U.S. Treasuries & More

Judge Napolitano: "Supreme Court Twisted the Constitution & Gave Congres...

TOOL TIME: SWAT Invades Wrong House With Flash Grenades

Could Terrorists Hack US Drones?

New Phase Of The Money Printing Scheme Is Here. By Gregory Mannarino

Allen West Discusses the Healthcare Tax Law on Greta Van - 7/2/12

2012 World UFO Day: And I Think You're One of Them

Keiser Report: Big guy 'scandals' vs small fry 'crimes' (E309)

DHS Funds UC Berkley Attack Vehicle to Keep Students in Line

Euro Crisis Breakthrough Breakdown - Nigel Farage

Arpaio Set to Unleash Shocking Obama Birther News

120703 - Devalue the Euro?

How to Survive The Deadly Summer of 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Culture,Truth, Division and End of Alt Media

A Country Good at Failure?

Webster G Tarpley - WorldCrisisRadio 2/2 - June 30, 2012

REALIST NEWS - Hong Kong swears in new........chief executive?

Mental Breakdowns in SHTF! New Mountain Bike, Better Chest Rig & Dental

MUST HEAR: 'This is WHY We Fought the REVOLUTION' - Harley Schlanger [P...

Financial Collapse-Why So Many Will Die. By Gregory Mannarino

Alert! Long Term Dollar Trend Down, Commodities Way Up. By Gregory Manna...

Food Stamp SLAVERY up 100%

Obamacare: Unconstitutional "Tax"

Doubt Everything - (2012 Election Vision Uncertainty Economics)

120702 - Global Banker Scandal

Toxic Tresspass of Lakota Nation - March 5, 2012 - Oglala Lakota Nation