Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen: We got him!! (better quality)

The Hanging of Saddam Hussein

Judge Who Sentenced Saddam Executed by ISIS

REALIST NEWS - Germany Throws In the Towel - Keep Our Gold

U.S. Govt to PLUNDER Citizens during COLLAPSE | BrotherJohnF

L.A. Traffic Court Tells defendants "Traffic Trials Not Allowed"

Fallujah:" The Hidden Massacre" Documentary-Iraq War

fear not the path of truth

Fear Not The Path of Truth - MUST SEE THIS

Exclusive: Massive End The Fed Organizer in Germany Gets Car Fire Bombed

4409 -- Cop Shot in FACE ambushing Resident

Police Brutality | Long Beach, CA

Zionists Tragically Win Every War - Morris

Agenda 21! Detroit Families Beg UN for Help After City Cuts Off Water!

ISIS Threatens Nuke Attack On Israel!

Woman Says She Saw DRONE Spying On Her Inside Her 26th Floor Condo in Se...

Hotels Using Facial Recognition to ID People As Soon as They Walk in the...