Monday, August 4, 2014

Michael Savage on Ebola Virus Panic - August 4, 2014

Obama's FBI Hiring A "SHILL" Service!

What Happened to the WTC Gold on 9/11?

Israel relies on NSA intel for assaults on Palestinians – Snowden docs

PLO's Hanan Ashrawi: 'Deliberate Massacre' in Gaza

MIT researchers can listen to your conversation by watching your potato chip bag

U S Border Patrol, Texas

Why Are Corrections Officers Guarding This Abandoned Prison?

UN: Deadliest Ebola Outbreak On Record Could Become Pandemic!

The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity - The FULL STORY (1/8) - David Icke

Shoplifting flash mobs storm convenience stores

ISIS Praises John McCain for Their Success In Iraq!

Ebola Terror at Gatwick Airport! Women Coming From Sierra Leone Collapse...

BRICS...Breaking The Jewish Money Power

Black Political Elite Continue To Support Israel's Assault on Gaza

Ebola Spreads to Philippines, Morocco and Brazil!

Leaked CBP Report Shows Almost Every Nation On Earth Is 'Exploiting' Ope...

Truth About Consciousness and Spirituality: David Icke

Words by Stefan Molyneux