Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nazis The Occult Conspiracy (Full Documentary)

The Untold UFO War in Antarctica - Operation Highjump

Third Reich - Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary

Gerald Celente - RTTV - June 26, 2013

My Visit to Michael Hastings' Crash Site/Memorial in Hollywood - June 21...

Studies Prove Monsanto's Roundup Is Killing You

"Our Concerns Are That Our Friends Are Spying On Us" German Member Of Pa...

NSA Whistleblower Snowden, Echelon on Steroids, and Standing Up for Huma...

Ed Snowden, NSA, and Fairy Tales

Insider: Michael Hastings Received Death Threats from Army Brass

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trayvon Martin's Racist Comment On George Zimmerman 'Looks Like A White ...

Supreme Court Strikes down DOMA and Proposition 8: Evangelicals Cry

The Terminal: Snowden indefinitely stuck in Moscow airport

Compromised: How the National Security State Blackmails the Government

The Snowden Case What You're Not Being Told

Car Hacking - Remote Control Murder of Michael Hastings

Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing

Was Michael Hastings Car Hacked

The Fight Against Fluoride in Ireland Update

Edward Snowden Is NOT The Real Issue


The Jews Who Own The Media

Medical and Scool problems you should know about.

REALIST NEWS - COMEX Gold inventory getting even lower

Is Edward Snowden a Double Agent?

Kennedy Speech Conspiracy Secret Societies

Media Ignoring Second NSA Whistleblower - James Corbett on Press TV

"There's A LOT Of Wrong Doing Taking Place (By The U.S. Government) That...

Bought Trailer

Obama's Insider Threats: Leaking to the Press is ESPIONAGE

Friend of Michael Hastings Says Rolling Stone Journalist Working on Bigg...

Enemies of the State

Does Edward Snowden have 'doomsday insurance'

Who is funding WikiLeaks

Officer tells woman to lift bra during traffic stop

Gerald Celente-The Business of America Has Become War

Warning! They will use Snowden as the Bin Laden of Cyber Terror to Strip...

Michael Savage Attacks Donald Trump Calling for Edward Snowden Execution...

Michael Savage on Michael Hastings Death, Suspects Car Was Hacked Intent...

Cars Can Be Hacked Easily, Says Top Counter-Terrorism Officer

Mack Attack: Manchurian Candidate Obama Groomed By Commie; Multiple Aliases

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Klayman: Obama Using NSA Surveillance Program to Control the Population ...

Measurement Problem - Reality is an Illusion

Shadows of Liberty (full)

Did U.S. Gov't Lie About TWA Flight 800? Ex-Investigators Seek Probe as ...

Violent eviction of Gezi Park gives rise to "standing protesters"

Keiser Report: Size, Scale & Speed of Debt (E460)

Manipulated, Drugged Up. Dumbed Down, and Spied on #n3

2 Men Arrested In New York Plotting To Build "Mobile X-Ray Gun To Target...

Press TV anti zionism conspiracy rant by an ex US military Marine about ...

ELYSIUM - Official Full Trailer - In Theaters 8/9

Video: Mass protests hit Brazil over transport fares, FIFA cup overspending

Sukhoi Su-35 Paris Air Show 2013 | Сухой Су-35 на парижском авиасалоне ...

NSA Agent Caught SNOOPING on Video by Tom Mabe

'US leaders pro Zionists, neocons'

Did a Missile Take Out TWA Flight 800?

FBI Admits Using Drones in the U.S.

Snowden is Snowed Under | Unfilter 55

More Details Emerge on the Death of Michael Hastings

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Parabolic Mic Demo.wmv

Modern Marvels Surveillance Tech - Tristar Investigation on History Channel

Trend Turtle Trading

Russell Brand on MSNBC Mocking Media

David Icke on the real background to Syria

Judge Napolitano: We Live In Dangerous Times, Losing Liberty To Slippery...

Scientist Warning Against Flu Shot

$9,000,000,000,000 Missing From The Federal Reserve. Why should any Amer...

Tyranny~Its Going To Get A Whole Lot Worse - #n3

Bilderberg Spy Tech and Google Regime Change: Our Brave New World

FOX Babes: 'Big Brother in Your Box... Creepy!'

Friday, June 14, 2013

Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - America is Gone

Mediatwits #83: WaPo's 'Sponsored Views' and Pay Wall; Snowden Reveals H...

Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA

NSA and Terrorism

Escobar: Obama starts Syria war to deviate from Snowden scandal

James Bamford on NSA Secrets, Keith Alexander's Influence &Massive Growt...

The Boy That Cried Wolf ! Glenn Beck: By June 22nd The Entire Power Str...

Jeremy Scahill's "Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield"

PATRIOT Act "Sneak and Peek" Searches Target Drug Offenders, Not Terrori...


US recovers missing diary of Hitler's adviser

Glenn Beck to Release Name of 70 House Republicans for Showdown w/ John ...

Michael Savage - Obama Wants WAR To Cover Up Scandals - 6/13/13

REALIST NEWS - Supreme Court Bans Protests On Its Property

Death,Destruction,Corruption and Lies

Snowden Leak "Tip of the Iceberg" of NSA Surveillance Program

NSA Spying, Rep. Jeff Duncan Tours DHS - Sees IRS agents Training with A...

'Red Line' crossed: US to give military support to Syrian rebels

Edward Snowden...When Truth Becomes Treason

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Operation: Troll the NSA

Erdogan's Troubles Not Over - Turkish Girl

Glenn Beck Arriving in NYC Searching for Big Breaking New Secret...That ...

BREAKING! Supreme Court Rules Human Genes May NOT Be Patented

US Hacks Chinese Computers! Edward Snowden Releases More Information In ...

Exposure Of NSA Surveillance Program Creating Fallout Around The World


Enemy of the State (1998) Predicts Edward Snowden's Revelations

Cop TASERs Man For No Apparent Reason


Sick Pigs from GMO Foods | Interview with Jeffery Smith

How Spy Agency Contractors Have Already Abused Their Power

Establishment vs. Rebels

7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes

What You Don't Know About The NSA Spying Program - MOC #242

Jeff Rense & Jonathan Emord - NSA, PRISM, & Our Loss of Privacy

REALIST NEWS - Congressman tours DHS facility - Notices IRS agents train...

Michael Savage on Edward Snowden, Peter King, Obama Regime Massive Crimi...

Epitaph: The Late, Great United States

Ben Swann Naming Names In IRS Scandal on Hannity

Michael Savage Caller Former NSA Worker Exposes Massive Spying Operation...

"Main Core": CIA Database of 8 Million Who Will Be Rounded Up When Marti...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Glenn Beck Will Break News That Will Take Down The Entire Power Structur...

Cop Sexually Assaults Woman Then Arrests Her For Protesting

Ohio officer shoots 5 kittens in family backyard as child watches in horror

The Transformation of Society

US spying scandals

Edward Snowden Resurfaces in China, Spills More Info & Running for His L...

Ryan Dawson Fukushima, JFK, 911, NSA (1/3)

Turkish cops water cannon wheelchair protester, 'civil war may be sparked'?


In NSA Leaks, Edward Snowden Has Confirmed Private Firms at "Highest, Da...

Nestle: Water's Corporate Takeover | Brainwash Update

Is Edward Snowden a Hero? A Debate With Journalist Chris Hedges & Law Sc...

Farmer feeds GMO corn to his pigs: they all become sterile.

Think at Your Own Risk ~ Big Bro is Listening

Icelandic MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir on Snowden case All of us are now targ...

Manhunt underway for NSA leaker

REALIST NEWS - NSA Whistleblower Reveals Himself And Contacts Washing Post

REALIST NEWS - Military told not to read Obama Scandal News

REALIST NEWS - BREAKING JP Morgan Vault Gold Drops By 28% Overnight

Exploring Buddhism

WSJ: Having Too Much Caffeine In Now Classified As A Mental Disorder

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

1/4/10 Arizona Mayo Clinic says cash only to Medicare

Not a pleasant ride home

Will Whistleblower Edward Snowden's Revelation lead to Revolution?

Obama admin leads 'worldwide manhunt' for NSA leaker Snowden

Ron Paul Worried that Edward Snowden Will Be Killed by a Drone Strike

Dollar Falls Again, Yields Are Rising, Stock Market Melts Down. By Grego...

This Guy Killed 1,626 People | Big Brother Watch

Why Shouldn't I Work for the NSA? (Good Will Hunting)

Rush Limbaugh is "disappointed" in Marco Rubio: "We have to stop amnesty"

Obama Killing USA with PRISM - Max Kieser

Rand Paul Battles CBS Hosts Over Necessity Of NSA Snooping: 'They Put Yo...

James Bamford talks to Charlie Rose on NSA (1984)

Edward Snowden: Courage is Contagious | Think Tank

NSA Spying: False Hope vs. Real Solutions (IMPORTANT - PLEASE SHARE)

Digital Blackwater: How the NSA Gives Private Contractors Control of the...

Massive Amounts Of Tear Gas Us To Clear Out Protesters In Taksim Square

The nonsense of water fluoridation by Walter Graham

Down With The Police State (6/11/2013)

DHS Admits Backpack Explosive Drill Planned Before Marathon

New Yorkers rally in support of NSA whistleblower Snowden

Glenn Greenwald Discusses NSA Leaker, Boundless Informant, Zuckerberg

Ron Paul Blasts NSA Defenders: Surveillance Destroying Constitution, You...

Michael Savage - "We are all Snowden" STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS

O'Donnell To Greenwald: If NSA Knows Everything, Why Didn't They Know Yo...

Operation: Troll the NSA

Michael Savage Defends NSA Whistleblower, Edward Snowden, Hero and True ...

Corporations Own Your Genes

NEW! Prostitutes And Drugs Scandal AND Cover Up At The State Department

Former CIA Analyst: Snowden Did The Right Thing

"Hitler founded Israel" - 1933 The Transfer Agreement Part 1 Vostfr

Monday, June 10, 2013

The TRUTH About Whistleblowers Edward Snowden And Bradley Manning


Turkish Temperature Rising - Istanbul Resident

Jay Carney on NSA: Obama has 'lived up' to transparency 'promises'

Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate Revealed?

1995 - The Net - Trailer

Another horror story of US Healthcare

UN climate delegates unaware global warming stopped 16 years ago

'Nothing will stop CIA, NSA from catching Snowden'

Rush Limbaugh Praises Edward Snowden: Profoundly articulate, extremely t...

"You're Being Watched": Edward Snowden Emerges as Source Behind Explosiv...

Glenn Greenwald on How NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Helped Expose a "Massiv...

"On a Slippery Slope to a Totalitarian State": NSA Whistleblower Rejects...

An amazingly prescient quote from Jim Garrison back in the mid-to-late 60s

“In a real and terrifying sense, our government is the CIA and the Pentagon, with Congress reduced to a debating society ... I have learned enough about the machinations of the CIA in the past years to know that this is no longer the dream world America I once believed in.  The imperatives of the population explosion, which almost inevitably will lessen our belief in the sanctity of individual human life, combined with the awesome power of the CIA and the defense establishment, seem destined to seal the fate of the America I knew as a child and bring us into a new Orwellian world where the citizen exists for the state and where raw power justifies any and every immoral act.  I’ve always had a kind of knee-jerk trust in my government's basic integrity, whatever blunders it may make.  But I’ve come to realize in Washington, deceiving and manipulating the public is viewed by some as the natural prerogatives of office.  Huey Long once said, ‘Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-Fascism.’  I am afraid, based on my own experience, that Fascism will come to America in the name of national security.”
                    —New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison

"…in the name of national security."         Exactly what we're seeing.

New Jersey Mom Blasts Elected Officials on 2nd Amendment Rights

Google talks to NSA

Super Cool Cops - London Bilderberg 2013

Privacy Under Linux | LAS s27e04

Amazing Interview With Ed Snowden Man Who Exposed That The NSA Is Spying...

Daniel Ellsberg "I Think They Have Everything And That Is The Recipe For...

Obama's NSA Spy Op Revealed!

Unmasked: Former IT worker at CIA behind biggest-ever NSA leak

Arrest Congressman Peter King, Not NSA Whistleblower

MSM Goes Into Overdrive Trying To Vilify NSA Whistleblower

Edward Snowden, Prism Whistleblower, why should people care about survei...

Ron Paul talking about computer surveillance in 1984

BBC sunday politics show, bilderberg - Alex Jones interview

PSA - Fluoride

Edward Snowden & Prism Verizon: Is the US a Police State?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

BREAKING!!! UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE by Canadian Minister of Defense May 2013

Adam Kokesh Arrested at Smoke Down Prohibition: Joint Summit with Presid...

Enemy of the State 1998 - All about the NSA - Said Beautifully

Tribute to Torri

The Obama Bilderberg Connection

Alex Jones at Bilderberg 2013

Alex Jones Disrupts BBC's Sunday Politics Show 2013

Interview: Alex Karp, Founder and CEO of Palantir

Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide—Featuring the Darth Vader Chemical

Glenn Greenwald Details Menacing Reach Of NSAs Invasion

'Big Data': Bilderberg Firm Palantir Works for NSA Spy Agenda

Hold the Meat, Pass the "Schmeat"

U.S. Government Snooping On Internet Firms

David Icke Addresses Thousands at Bilderberg protest

Gerald Celente - Tommy Schnurmacher Show - June 6, 2013

Obama If you can't trust us, we're going to have some problems


MSM Prepping Santa Monica Shooting For New Push On Gun Control

Red Ice Radio - Ramiel Nagel - Hour 1 - Cure Tooth Decay

Boiling Down Drinking Water: Fluoride Test

Friday, June 7, 2013

Audit uncovers EPA hideaways built with public funds

When Keiser Met Jones

"A Massive Surveillance State": Glenn Greenwald Exposes Covert NSA Progr...

Dianne Feinstein says Verizon court order 'is lawful'

baseball Axiron TV Commercial My Mantra - bigcommercials

Ron Paul "You've Got To Watch The Power Of Government! Power In Governme...

"Obama Is BIG BROTHER And He's A LIAR!"

The Program Is Code-Named PRISM! IT GETS WORSE!

Holder Refuses To Answer When Asked If Justice Department Is Spying On C...

Piers Morgan: Obama might be worse than George W Bush on civil liberties

NY to make "annoying" police illegal

Marines Headed to Jordan/Syrian Border, Verizon/NSA Eavesdropping, Congr...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A fired up Mark Levin talks to Neil Cavuto 6-6-2013

6 Corporations That Control Your Perception | Think Tank

Pelosi: 'I Don't Remember Saying that Everybody in the Country Would Hav...


Fighting Rifle Review - AWESOME, From a GIRL!!

Feinstein: 'We Have Become A Culture Of Leaks'

SCOTUS says "What 4th Amendment?"

The 2013 Bilderberg Meeting and The Octopus Deception w/ Daniel Estulin

Former drone operator says he's haunted by his part in more than 1,600 d...

Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used for Politic...

Jesse Ventura: 'Mayor Bloomberg Can Kiss My Ass!'

PSYCHIATRISTS HATE THIS VIDEO! Wheat, Viruses, Bacteria Making America C...

WeAreChange Vlog #3: Charlie Skelton, Alex Jones & Stupid Laws at Bilder...

NSA Whistleblowers: "All U.S. Citizens" Targeted By Surveillance Program...

Turkish Riots, Kill The Messenger, Pink Ribbons Inc - New World Next Week

He Should Have Had Due Process Before This Constitutional Law Professor ...

I will fight this domination

White House: We're Not Saying That We're Spying On YOU But Don't Worry I...

Ryan Dawson: verizon spying again

Something BIG Is About To Happen!

Sen. Graham: I'm 'Glad' The NSA Collects My Phone Records

Verizon Treason: US seizes millions of phone records at FBI's request

Congress To Expand FBI's Surveillance Powers On U.S. Citizens In A BIG Way!

Ronald Reagan On The Holocaust Lie (1967)

M.I.T. Computer Program Reveals Invisible Motion in Video

Giants Once Roamed the Earth - FREE MOVIE

Obama Classmate: No One At Columbia Class Reunion Ever Saw Obama AKA Soe...

WRONG HOUSE! Cops Raid Vet's Home and Kill His Dog while he is gone and ...

On Target Pressure Points: The Federal Gestapo

The Terrifying Future of The United States

WiSee: Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home

Dr Paul Connett Slaps down Duncan Garner On Fluoride issue 6June2013

Who Pays for Bilderberg - Questions For Corbett #006

Fast food ice dirtier than toilet water, study finds

NSA Collecting Phone Records Of Millions Of Verizon Customers Daily Pie...

BBC Reporter Tries to Provoke Alex Jones, Argument Ensues

FBI Wants a Backdoor | Unfilter 53

Kraft Foods Denies GMO Wheat but ADMITS GMO in Products

'Obama set on toppling Assad, major war looms'

'US government at war with truth tellers'