Friday, December 16, 2011

'Fog of pre-war over Syria' - RussiaToday

Putin: US seeks to enslave world

"Life, Liberty, & Indefinite Detention Without A Trial" - M.O.C. #100

Well, the puppet-conspirator in the Oval Office ­ whoever he really is ­
signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law yesterday,
legalizing the "disappearing" and torture of American citizens without
charge or judicial oversight. Yet another overt sign that Obama's
protestations and promises concerning the Bush Administration's violation of
the Constitution were bald-faced lies to tell the people what they wanted to
hear at the time. They told us Obama was a "constitutional law professor."
Yeah, right. What was he teaching, the DESTRUCTION of the Bill of Rights?

I almost hate to send out anything on this topic ­ it so saddens me that
this is actually happening. This is truly "not Kansas anymore" - in this
context meaning that this is NOT the same country we all grew up in ­ except
in name only. The totalitarian control of our representative (in theory)
form of government is 99% complete. That fact is obvious with every vote
that the people actually oppose and now the proverbial "nail in the coffin"
of a viable governmental process is when those representatives pass laws
that legalize overt destruction of the most basic rights of us, the

Why isn't anyone calling this treason?

This country is being brought down FAST. I'm left wondering about a question
posed by a talk-show host I was listening to last night:

"Do you think it's just a coincidence that:
(1) this indefinite detention provision of the the NDAA passes,
(2) troops are being returned to the "Homeland",
(3) the FEMA camps are being staffed and supplied and
(4) military surveillance drones are being deployed in American air-space ­

The host went on to say that (in his judgment) the Powers That Be know that
an economic collapse is right around the corner and are gearing up for
widespread "societal unrest."

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