Monday, December 8, 2014

Chicken factory farmer speaks out

Hundreds Of Anarchists Held After Greek Riots

Intentional Provocation of Race War

The 'Controllers,' who are running our fa├žade of a government, are masters at Divide-and-Conquer methodology. There is a strategy of race-war being used on several western countries at this time.

The following is a link to the podcast of yesterdays' Dr. Dave Janda radio show. In it, Janda lays out the manner in which the Michael Brown/Ferguson, MO situation is being provocateured with federal agents and imported protesters who are then encouraged to run wild with violence.

This is the low-level methodology now being used in America, but the higher levels of this same methodology is being used abroad and will probably be coming to cities near you. The higher levels of this sewing-of-chaos is to get large protest movements going and then to have agents provocateur actually shooting people on both sides of the protest to further polarize the population. The second half of this podcast by Dr. Dave Janda is highly recommended (pull the progress bar to the 1/2-way point).

Michael D Ivey