Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Savage Nation- Michael Savage- October 9, 2014 (Opening Segment)

Ireland close to banning water fluoridation

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Jeffrey M Smith GMO Interview Outside The Box

BREAKING: Ebola is Airborne

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Israelis: "Ni&&ers go home!"

Thurs 10/09/2014 False Flag Weekly News

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JewTube Copyright Kings

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China Just Overtook The USA As The World's Largest Economy!

Robots Grabbing Your Job

Joe Biden Admits Saudi Arabia & Qatar Funding Al-Qaeda In Syria

CNN cuts 300 jobs as tabloid style coverage increases

Sheriff's Deputy with Possible Ebola Symptoms Hospitalized In Texas!

The Gay Mafia Tells Teachers Not To Say Boys or Girls

Health Alert! Ebola Victims Without Symptoms Can Still Be Contagious!

Because Monsanto? The US GMO label fail

BNP are taking me to court - 5th November - Come Along!

Dr Udo Ulfkotte, journalist and author, on RT