Saturday, January 14, 2012

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Piss on War: Death, Desecration, and Afghanistan

This is a really good short piece (link below) concerning the obvious irony of the faux outrage that's being expressed over the video showing US Troops urinating on dead bodies in Afghanistan. (Thanks, Jim!)

Is there ANY ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT IN THIS COUNTRY AT ALL???? Or does the "peace-prize puppet president" and the Propaganda Ministry have everyone so brainwashed they can't see through the continuous, blatant deceptions? The brainwashing in this country has become WORSE than foreseen in Orwell's 1984!

Two points:

(1) This particular desecration and disrespect for human bodies is a very small drop in a very large barrel of the general desecration of humanity itself being carried out in the name of our country (see second paragraph below) and for which we are forced to pay at the threat of imprisonment. Just try to not pay your income tax based on moral/ethical principles and see what happens. It's the world's largest criminal protection racket under cover of a legitimate governmental fa├žade.

(2) In all the corporate-controlled media coverage of this "event", the bodies being urinated upon are referred to as "Taliban" or "insurgents." This is more brainwashing-language to cast the American soldiers as having done the right thing in killing them in the first place. Chances are they have no idea whatsoever of any affiliation these dead people had with "the Taliban" and if any normal Afghani man took up ams against a brutal foreign invader (US) they are called "insurgents" in our propaganda ministry. The only way the Afghani men can escape being cast as "insurgents" or "Taliban" is if they serve the foreign invader who's been killing their friends and families and utterly destroying their country.

Here are 2 excerpts:

"Do you know what is worse than having your dead body urinated upon? Being killed. Being shot. Being bombed. Having your limbs blown off. Having your house incinerated by a drone-fired missile that you don't see until it explodes. Having your children blown up in their beds. Having your spouse killed. Having your hometown destroyed. Being displaced. Becoming a refugee. Having your entire life destroyed as a consequence of political forces far, far beyond your control."

"And we as a nation could not be more bored by the unceasing industrial strength violence being carried out in our names in nations where none of us will travel, or vacation, or think about much at all as long as sports and American Idol and Downton Abbey are on TV. We skim past those stories of the latest bombing or drone strike or gunfight or civilian massacre. We joke about the personal foibles or funny accents or minor gaffes of the politicians who hold it in their power to stop war, but won't. We're bored and petulant and self-absorbed until that video of some soldier pissing on dead bodies comes along, at which point we can have an outrage contest and feel good about ourselves for being more outraged than the next completely uninvolved person, for a day or two, until the big game comes on."

P*ss on War: Death, Desecration, and Afghanistan

By Hamilton Nolan

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