Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The CIA Secret Prison

'US police treat black people harshly'

It Doesn't Matter Who You Vote For

Judge Napolitano: Next Supreme Court Challenge to ObamaCare Could Result...

Build up to WW3 - New US report on IRAN Nuclear Weapons- ISRAEL wants WAR!

IRAN: It's already under Attack (corbett-report)

Two Party Debate *Highlights* America's Collapse

'US police force becomes more brutal'

Drones Are Terrorism | Think Tank with Andy Roth

Federal Reserve Bank subsidizing Evil Since 1913

A-Bomb Bogeyman : 'Iran attacked no-one in 100 years' - NWO

Bitcoin 2012 London: Richard Stallman

Professor: Drones Will Soon Be Able To Kill During War Without Human Ass...

Hillary Calls For War Against Iran While Laughing About It! U S Poli...

TR-3B Aurora project in Area 51


OVNI UFO tringular (( AMAIZING ))) TR3B

Ross Perot Warns A Financially Weak US Could Be Taken Over

Ross Perot Interview with USA Today FULL 10/1/2012

J Edgar Hoover: "Bush CIA killed JFK"

George H. W. Bush (SN) connected to JFK assassination

US Elections: Pick Your Poison

Reggie Middleton: Money Printing a Frankenstein Experiment - Destruction...

Bond Market Bubble Just Months Away From Bursting. By Gregory Mannarino

Trump on Greta: Obama Passport Records, College Records, Born in Kenya B...

Chemist Arrested in Drug Lab Scandal

'CNN wants journalists to be propagandists, not watchdogs'

GM Mutant Cows to Produce 'Engineered Milk' for Babies!

121003 - Income Divide Widening

Richard Belzer: Who Really Killed JFK?

Aaron Dykes Breaks Down 'Whole Foods' GMO Deception

YouTube CENSORING my videos??