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CBS Blames Allergy Season ON.... Climate Change!!!!

If this were not a serious topic, this would be hilarious ­ it is hilarious
from a detached viewpoint.  There are a few points to be understood here
that make this instructive.

1.  The first is that this is a story being carried by a mainstream media
source ­ CBS.  This is the propaganda ministry in action.  This story was
probably written in the bowels of the CIA.

2.  Then they went about finding some good-looking woman paid propagandist
with "Dr" in front of her name and calling her a "medical contributor."
Basically they're using her to serve as "the all-knowing doctor" expert who
tells the masses about things they're not capable of knowing themselves.
It's all about subtlely making you believe what they WANT you to believe.

3.  The main assertion here ­ that a minuscule increase in worldwide CO2
levels is causing pollen-producing plants to produce more pollen thereby
causing a bad "allergy season" ­ is logically absurd.  CO2 is a "trace" gas
(meaning there's very little of it compared to the whole).  The percentage
of CO2 in the atmosphere that is the result of humans burning hydrocarbons
is in the thousandths of one percent ­ not even close to an amount that
would make any difference to plant life.  The truth is that we'd all be
better off if we had a much higher percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere.

4.  The news-lady here says that CO2 is "harmful to humans." It is NOT
harmful AT ALL as a trace gas.   That is a blatantly false statement ­ we
all exhale CO2 with every breath.  It would only be harmful if it was all
you had to breathe, but that would be due to a lack of oxygen, not because
CO2 is harmful to humans.

I've often said that people have been SO brainwashed by this false construct
that they now think any change in the weather is due to humans burning
hydrocarbons.  Now they're telling you that all kinds of negative things are
caused by Climate Change.  What's depressing is the huge percentage of
people who've been hoodwinked by this scientific hoax.
CBS Now Blaming Allergy Season On... Climate Change!!  (2:37)

There's evidently a big propaganda push on this subject just now (see story
below).  This probably means that they've planned a new push to establish
"carbon taxes" and a "cap-and-trade" system here in the USA.
MSNBC's Chris Hayes: Preventing Global Warming Is Like Freeing Slaves
by Warner Todd Huston 
23 Apr 2014,
In The Nation magazine MSNBC host Christopher Hayes spent thousands of words
and four web pages explaining how those working at preventing global warming
are somehow just like the abolitionists who fought to free the slaves just
prior to the American Civil War.
Article here:


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