Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Joe Rogan Experience with Graham Hancock, podast #142

[29-Mar-12] Huelga General / General Strike [Barcelona © LibreRed]

FBI: We are loosing to hackers

Rev. Al & The Ted Baxter Media Circus Are Going to Ruin the Trayvon Case

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General strike hits Spain

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"American Spring" US Police Brutality Occupy mass Arrests and Focus of OWS

Judge Napolitano on the Future of the Health-Care Law.

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Spainfull: 'Cuts catastrophe a devil's alternative'

Info News 2012-03-28 Wednesday

Jim Marrs: Trillion Dollar Conspiracy & 9/11 (playlist)

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US Using Kissinger "Food As a Weapon" Plan to Starve North Korea

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Sheriff Joe on Obama's Forged Identity Records - 3/27/2012

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