Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Today's Massive Bond Rally Is Huge Negative For Stocks. By Gregory Manna...

White House: We Faked Vaccination Programs to Take DNA Samples

Jim Fetzer

"There Is Not A Trace Of Evidence The Plane Has Crashed! There Is Ample ...

Update From Dan Dicks On Bilderberg Arrest

'Very bad news for dollar': Bucks slipping as world's reserve currency

PJTV - Eloi: Political Correctness 'Triggering' Dangerous Herd-like Ment...

Ryan Dawson: The assassination of Martian Luther King.

Jim Rogers: Giants ditching dollar over US foreign policies


USDA Admits to Mysterious Slaughter of Millions of Birds and Animals!

Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks Arrested at Bilderberg for Filming

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jim Fetzer: Janet Phelan

Individual Liberty is Better than New World Order Collectivism | G. Edwa...

INSANITY! Millions of gallons of nuclear waste to be stored next to the ...

Sandy Hook School Shooting Actors Got FREE Houses

McCain Confronted on USS Liberty Cover-up & Media Accomplices (+playlist)

Proof of 'Mystery Man' Shooter Inside BMW with Elliot Rodger!

Chossudovsky: Russia, Ukraine, and the New World Order

Another Shooting. Another False Flag?

List of U.S. Citizens That Were Spied On by NSA, Is About to be Published!

Farage: EU to blame for Ukraine crisis

The Truth About Cancer Episode #1

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Virgin Mk Assassin - A Hollywood Production

Norcal veteran coder customizes with sensors off-grid home

Santa Barbara (Elliot Rodger) Hoax Sandy Hook Shooting Connection!

Son of Director Kills 4 at Isla Vista Campus in 2001

Mae Brussell -Charles Manson Was a Patsy- October 13,1971

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax - Gay Elliot Roger Rehearsing/Acting? - Fals...

Right Wing Win in Europe For Marine le Pen

Blue Science's Matt Pulver: Subquantum Kinetics, Godel's Theorem, & Elec...

Presentation Prof. Murry Salby in Hamburg on 18 April 2013

Electro gravitics & UFO propulsion 1/3

New Chinese Report Says NSA Collecting 5 BILLION Phone Calls EVERYDAY!

Asia Is Overtaking The West and Why - Morris

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax - "Shooter'" Elliot Rodger's Green Screen & ...

HUGE! Multiple Witnesses Say '2 Men Were In BMW' During Shooting!

Catastrophic Outcomes May Come Faster Than Expected-James Rickards

Too Big to Audit? Pentagon multi-trillion budget under congressional fire

Sex is not who you Are

College... my two cents

The Truth About Elliot Rodger

▶ Chemtrails -Aerospace Worker- "I installed Chemtrails Devices"

Jim Fetzer: Dave McGowan

The Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Friday, May 23, 2014

W.A.N.Radio w/CharlieMcGrath - Liam Scheff

Dr. David Duke program 2014 05 22

Dr. David Duke program 2014 05 21

Ryan Dawson: Mike Rivero and Ryan Dawson on Climate Change

REALIST NEWS - Barclays Fined £26 million For Gold Price Manipulation

Sheriff Joe Rips Naysayers & Blackouters: We Are Not Done; Obama ID Fraud

Allison Wyatt/Home Invasion


Huge Win! Oregon Counties Defeat Monsanto and Ban GMO Crops!

Android Guy Weekly: What is Bloatware?

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax

"Every American Has The RIGHT To Know When Their Government Believes It ...

Ryan Dawson: Eric Hunt dismantles the latest Holocaust rhetoric taking Caroline Colls to the Woodshed over her Treblinka propaganda

Ryan Dawson: Eric Hunt dismantles the latest Holocaust rhetoric taking Caroline Colls to the Woodshed over her Treblinka propaganda

Scientists working on 'de-extinction' of the wooly mammoth

US Launches Spy Satellite, Green Lights $100 Million Alternative to Russ...

Russia/China Energy Deal, Russia Builds Nuke Plants in Iran and Vets Die...

Robots will Replace McDonalds Workers Who Are on Strike Demanding $15 an...

Ry Dawson interviews Eric Hunt on the Holohoax

Thurs 05/22/2014 Dynamic Duo Weekly News

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

China Arrests Ex-CEO of JPMorgan In Hong Kong

Still Report #256 - Russia's Scary Marriage

TSA Orders 24 MILLON Rounds Of .357 Sig Ammo

Veteran Blows the Whistle on Veterans Administration "House of Horrors"

Student loses testicle after kick from cop during arrest

Cops fatally shoot man in Salinas, California


Whistle-Brawlers: Row over WikiLeaks threat to name NSA-target country

72-HOURS: WikiLeaks to reveal NSA-targeted country that could lead to de...

FIRE??? at Fukushima 5/20/14

Mysterious Lights Appear Over Hawaii 2014

Citizen Exposes Fluoride "Plot against Humanity" Marin, Ca

Stop The Jews From Rebuilding The Temple

North Carolina may criminalize disclosure of fracking chemicals

Operation Monsanto Stock Plunge - official video

Dr. David Duke program 2014 05 20

Charles Nenner: War, 2014 Dollar Collapse, Gold Could Go Parabolic and More

Jim Fetzer: Kevin MacDonald

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Judge Napolitano: NSA Monitoring Cell Phones In Bahamas For Tax Cheats

CIA barred from using vaccinations to cover clandestine operations

How the NSA is Using The Bahamas as a Model for Total Control | Big Brot...

Video Documentation Reveals Commercial Aircraft Spraying Chemtrails To W...

Caravan To Midnight Episode 59 Gerald Clark YouTubevia torchbrowser...

Don't Drink Fluoridated Water - Fluoride is Extreme Poison - Water Filter

Jewish Racism of talmud vs Unius Rei ie universal brotherwood

The Illustrated Protocols of Zion by David Duke

Girlfriend Of Passenger On Flight 370 Says "The CIA Is One Of The Groups...

Gatekeepers Defined Keeping Israel Out Of The Conflicts - Morris and Joa...

Dr. David Duke program 2014 05 19

The Case Against Fluoridation - Dr. Paul Connett, PhD

Fmr Malaysian Prime Minister Says CIA Is Behind Disappearance Of Malaysi...

Radio Host Tony Stiles, Arrested at Inland Border Checkpoint

Thailand Army Declares Martial Law! Orders TV And Radio Stations To Stop...

Still Report # 257 Russia Bans US From Space Station

VA Scandal

90 days in jail for self-defense? Occupy activist charged with 'assaulti...

Jim Fetzer: Jim Fetzer / Gary King

Ryan Dawson: Sheldon Stern on Myths of Cuban Missile Crisis

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

REALIST NEWS - Silver Silver Silver

Sandy Hook Hoax Explained in 20 Minutes!

Sandy Hook: 2 more nails to add to the HOAX Coffin!

Dr. David Duke program 2014 05 14, ADL: 25% Of People Are Anti-Semitic

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 58 Pastor Shorey John B Wells

Ryan Dawson: Pepe Escobar explains the conditions of the IMF loans to Ukraine

Sandy Hook Inconsistencies Stonewalled By Newtown School Board

Gerald Celente - RTTV Boom Bust - May 13, 2014

Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters Full Movie

Russia to Ban U.S. From Using "ISS" International Space Station!

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 57 Urgent American Spring Update

Joe Biden's Son Hunter, Made Legal Director of Ukraine's Largest Gas Com...

Dr. David Duke program 2014 05 13, Race And Genetics

The Whole Ruling Jewish Agenda Is Hidden from Us - Morris

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Fed Laundering Treasury Bonds in Belgium, Real G...

Adam Kokesh & Ryan Dawson bashing government

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

WTF Did They Say? You Want to Die for Them??

Ukraine - NWO Sponsored Bloodbath

America's Lies On Ukraine

Zeitgeist Versus the Market - Peter Joseph Debates Stefan Molyneux

Zeitgeist Examined: Peter Joseph/Stefan Molyneux Debate Analysis

Aggravated by Awesomeness!

[380] Vermont Wins Against Monsanto, VA Corruption Killing Vets & NSA Sh...

The West is Engineering Its Own Downfall | James Corbett

Judge for Yourselves: Popular Referendums or Not in Eastern Ukraine?

400 US mercenaries in Ukraine to fight protestors

Former CIA Director: 'We Kill People Based On Metadata'

'US wants new Cold War, Russia should ignore it'

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Odessa Massacre - What REALLY Happened

Florida: 2nd Case of MERS Being Reported In U.S.

Jesse Ventura to the Woodshed

Is Whole Foods selling poison in their proteins? The answer is YES

Sandy Hook Fire Station Fight

Geithner Claims White House Asked Him To Mislead (Lie?) Public About Eco...

Dr. David Duke program 2014 05 12

Raw Footage: Michael Tellinger

400 US mercenaries 'deployed on ground' in Ukraine military op

Josh Blankeney on Ukraine and the geopolitics of zionism

What Does it Mean to be a Friend of Israel?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vermont approves GMO food labeling

Urban Guerilla Gardenering on an Entire City Block in South LA

Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA

The Truth About Boko Haram Terror In Africa

World War 3: The Death of America - Russia, Crimea and Ukraine

Our Visit To Paul Gautschi's Back To Eden Garden Part 1 Chickens - L2Sur...

A News Propaghanda Video About Obamacare Being Very Affordable. It Sounds Too Good to Be True

Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston

Sky Spraying by Rick Miracle in Asheville NC April 13 to 17 2014

Thurs 05/08/2014 Dynamic Duo Weekly News

Military unveils hybrid "Black Knight Transformer" drone

Scientists Create 1st Living Organism From Artificial DNA

Far-Wrong: Germany alarmed over violent neo-Nazi groups

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 55 Charles Ostman & John B Wells

Putin Outlaws Jewish Holocaust Denial - Morris

The World In a Nutshell - Morris

Gerald Celente - Radio 2GB Sydney - May 7, 2014

Stealing a Nation

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Angry protesters disrupt Albuquerque city council meeting

Google's Secret Bestie: NSA Director Keith Alexander


The Web We Want: An Open Letter

"If You Don't Have Anything To Hide, You Shouldn't Care About NSA Spying...

MUST WATCH: Coming Global Economic Reset Film

Chinese Investors Taking Over Detroit

BUSTED! Harry Reid Owns 93 Acres Next To Bundy Ranch!

Phil Donahue on His 2003 Firing From MSNBC, When Liberal Network Couldn'...

DIRTY BOMB ALERT! Ukraine Security Forces Seized 1.5 Kilograms of Potent...

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 53 Tosh Plumlee & John B Wells

Israeli PM Pushes Constitutional Law on Jewish Exclusivity

Civil War? 'Ukraine govt using military against own citizens'

Austerity Suicides: Desperate Greeks 'don't want to die, they want to ki...

SHOCKING Economic Data Leading U.S. to WAR?

Michael Savage on White House Correspondents Dinner 2014

Media "Watchdogs" (LOL) Try To Blame Condoleezza Rice As If The Media Has No Responsibility On Iraq

NATO Strategically Moving Assets In Preparation For War -- Episode 358

Condoleezza Rice declines Rutgers invitation after sparking protests

MERS Virus Hits USA 30% Death Rate

Monday, May 5, 2014

Michelle Obama Honors First Lady Of Fashion Anna Wintour At The Met, Mic...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Joe Biden: White House Correspondents' Dinner 2014. VERY CREEPY.

WAR ZONE: RT Reporter Trapped in Slavyansk amid deadly military op

Leaked Info Shows China Is Preparing for Huge Event In North Korea!

Ryan Dawson: Howard Stern to the Woodshed

Brilliant anti-Common Core Speech by Dr. Duke Pesta

Dr. David Duke program 2014 05 05

When Putin Acts Israel Will Attack Syria - Morris

Miko Peled: Beyond Zionism, Part 1

Jim Fetzer: Gary King

Jim Fetzer: Laurence de Millo

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Whole World Is Being Taken on A Hoax Ride - Morris

Anarchy in the USA! (and everywhere else) - BFP Roundtable

ALERT! CDC Announces First Case of Deadly 'MERS' Virus in U.S. State of ...

Job Numbers Collapse BIG TIME

RAW: All Hell Breaks Loose In Ukraine, Over 40 Killed In Fire and Clashes!

Gerald Celente - WLW Radio - April 30, 2014

Ryan Dawson: Ryan Dawson on the Bob Tuskin show talking about the Separation of Business and State Hour 1

yan Dawson: Ryan Dawson on the Bob Tuskin show talking about the Separation of Business and State Hour 2

CRAZY! The new Satanic Monument Being Built for Oklahoma Statehouse!

Benghazi Cover Up Update, Ukraine Crisis News, John Kerry Israel Aparthe...

Mike Harris: Dr. Preston James

Jim Fetzer: Harley Schlanger / David Robinson