Friday, November 6, 2015

Donald Trump Sings & Dances - Songify This

Europa and the Jews - The Last Millennium

SANDY HOOK staring Wayne Carver as The Medical Examiner

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Calais: illegal immigrants attacked a Hungarian truck on the highway

Muslim immigrants in Finland: "We want money"

Trashing Trump: Latino Kids Pound Racism Like a Piñata

NASA releases HD sun video

Нанесение авиаудара по колонне бронированной и автомобильной техники в п...

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Greater Israel and ISIS

The shocking truth behind Germany and Merkel

Angela Merkel visibly disgusted by German flag - Throws it away during c...

Επεισόδια στον Άγνωστο Στρατιώτη

Windows 10 is a Tool to Spy on Everything You Do

What We Saw At The Anonymous Million Mask March In D.C

Open Source Ecology Could Change Everything - #NewWorldNextWeek

Tanstaafl - Race, Biology & Modus Operandi of Jewish Extremists - Hour 1

DOT makes national address database to track Americans

Kim Dotcom launches private internet out of reach of surveillance state

Fukushima UVic Woods Hole Has The Nuclear Proctologist Arrested