Thursday, October 3, 2013

NSA Confiscates Reporter's Cameras

Fight for Your Right to Garden! LA Targets Urban Planters.

Video Shows Police Chase Outside U.S. Capitol

Seems The Rothschilds Have Shaped Us All - Morris


BREAKING: Capitol Hill Shooting Suspect is WOMAN, CHILD in Suspect's CAR

38 David Duke How Zionists Divide and Conquer Dr David Duke

BREAKING: Multiple Injured, High Speed Car Chase Ends after Multiple Gun...

The man who stood up to the NSA, Ladar Levison Lavabit founder

Silk Road Shutdown, Fukushima Fast Food, Exercise Pills - New World Next...

1-800-FUCKYO The Official Healthcare Exchange Number (Not a Joke)

WATCH Veterans Cross Barricades To Get Into World War II Memorial

2013: Obama's New Amerika (Police State)

NASA To Release"Earth Shaking" Info To The Public on November 13th 2013

Jeff Rense & Larry Nichols - The Truth About Hillary And 2016 Pt 1

Eustace Mullins - JFK & The Federal Reserve

Military insiders: "Stock market crash in mid-October" -- Dr. Bill H. W...

Alex Jones is HUMINT - Tami Pepperman

Our Warnings to Indians and Americans Zionists

Gerald Celente - Brian Thomas Show - October 2, 2013

NEW Jesse Ventura talking about Government shutdown while leaving Siri...

Shutdown Clock Hysteria Overshadows NDAA Win | Weapons of Mass Distraction

The Beatles - Revolution (HD)

Workers at Water Plant Film Fluoride Toxicity

Jesse Ventura: Shutdown is 'despicable,' pardon Manning and Snowden

Barr McClellan - How LBJ Killed JFK, pt 3of3

Barr McClellan - How LBJ Killed JFK, pt 2of3

Barr McClellan - How LBJ Killed JFK, pt 1of3

Feinstein claims NSA spying is 'legal'

Security Now 424: SQRL

CEO Who Resisted NSA Spying Out Of Prison, Vindicated By Snowden Leaks

Lionel Commentary: The NSA Super Store

'Silk Road' Drug Bust | Online Heroin, Cocaine Market Brought Down

Forcibly Stripped, Held Naked | DUI Arrest From Hell [DISTURBING VIDEO]

Reporter For 'The Stranger' Says Seattle Police Threatening Him For Taki...

Israeli Government Paying Students To Make Positive Comments About Israe...