Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sandy Hook (Gun Hoax SOLVED): DNC Traitors & Newtown Actors

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  1. David Wheeler (Hollywood Actor) played two (2) roles in the Sandy Hook "shooting" hoax at Newtown CT.

    Role #1: David Wheeler played "FBI SWAT SNIPER" during the (fake) Newtown shooting.

    Role #2: David Wheeler played "Father of slain child (Benjamin Wheeler)."

    DHS is stuck with this NYPOST photo of (Actor) David Wheeler, so they're trying to pretend it's a "real" FBI agent:

    DHS claims this fake "Sniper" is "FBI Special Agent, Bill Aldenberg." But why can't this "FBI agent" handle a gun?

    Why doesn't the (fake) "Bill Aldenberg" have "FBI" stamped on his clothes like his partners do?

    Why does (fake FBI agent) "William Aldenberg" carry a pistol on his RIGHT hip (right-handed), yet sling his AR-15 the opposite way (left-handed)?

    And why does "FBI Agent, Bill Aldenberg" look exactly like (Actor) David Wheeler?

    DHS claims (Actor) David Wheeler isn't bald. But David Wheeler's own publicity portrait shows David Wheeler wearing a WIG:

    Therefore, David Wheeler could portray roles of bald FBI agents -- no problem:

    Did actor David Wheeler play THREE (3) roles in the Newtown gun-grab HOAX?